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  1. I post on there as a user 😘 everything I post there I generally post here too though! https://www.reddit.com/u/WinterAzaleaa
  2. Something I saw on Instagram… lol
  3. Thank you! Will do ☺️ It’s based on my real life relationship with my girlfriend. This didn’t happen (yet), but it totally could!
  4. My mom encouraged me to pee outside a lot. I was too shy to do it then, but she worked outdoors in construction so it was a common, casual thing for her. I remember going to a fair with her when I was in high school and she told me we should just pee in the parking lot because the portapotties would be crowded. I didn’t pee, but my mom did, right next to our car in the crowded lot. I was shocked! She encouraged me to piss, but I was really shy back then!
  5. The only person I’ve ever told (outside of this site/Reddit/fetlife lol) is my current girlfriend. I didn’t tell her until a month or so after we started dating and she admitted it to me first! We were both happy to find that we share a lot of the same kinks!
  6. I’ve noticed that in some videos too. Personally I only use 2-3 squares and I’m completely dry with just that lol
  7. My girlfriend and I did do some topless sunbathing at a beach recently though!
  8. She’s 100% submissive, and doesn’t- she likes to get peed on by me, but has 0 interest in peeing on me. 🙂
  9. How I dressed while working today (I work from home). I wonder how people would feel if they knew this was how their Tech Support was dressed? ;)
  10. This is honestly a great way to spend my day, I thought. If only I didn’t need to pee so badly. Tapping my foot on the floor to distract myself from my aching bladder, I waited for my girlfriend to turn around. She was currently pulling a short, tight black dress over her head. Only 10 more items for her to try on. I'm starting to regret that I did this to myself, I thought. For our date tonight, I had chosen to take her to the mall, pick a few outfits for her to try on, and buy my favorite for her to wear out to dinner tonight. It was a great afternoon until I needed to pee, tried to stop at
  11. Content: Piss/Watersports, Humiliation, BDSM. Based on a fantasy that I plan on indulging with my girlfriend sometime soon… We’ve been wanting to go on a day trip to a nearby hiking trail for a while, and it’s finally starting to be warm enough outside for us to go. We both like the idea of spending a few hours together outside, taking pretty pictures, and watching the sunset over the trail’s lake together. However, my sub really doesn’t realize what all she might have in store for her when we finally go… ---- “Why don’t we go ahead and sit down here to watch the sunset?” I aske
  12. I don’t really like drinking myself, but I love having others drink my pee! It’s my fave type of pee play I do with my girlfriend.
  13. Some new lingerie. I don’t think I ever want to take it off! (I will be posting a video with it on later. Currently holding now 😛 )
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