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    Bisexual male
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    College student
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    United States
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    I'm a hobbyist writer and a urophile. The only thing sexier than writing about peeing is peeing itself! Oh, and a furry.

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    Naughty pissing and groups of people urinating together are what I enjoy the most.
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    "Missing the toilet" in a store bathroom. Very rude, yes, but the experience still turns me on to this day.

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  1. It is in my yard! It's small retaining wall right next to the house. There's plenty of other places I could go, but I just love seeing this wall covered in piss stains! The noise that my stream makes as it hits the concrete is lovely... I should go out and mark it some more.
  2. Since people really liked the first video that I shared here, I figured that posting more stuff is in order! These videos showcase me hosing down my current favorite place to pee, with lots of sexy urine stains. Again, these videos were recorded on my phone, and are very amateur productions. Without further ado, please enjoy these four videos, fellow urination connoisseurs! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F0y5NAOGn5ulDeOvOuEb2KDGN8pYHAHG/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HR1oYvecnxQDPuQpIlLgFZriinlhWHcR/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xs00Ae7wfVrpsIF
  3. I have actually recorded some amateur pee videos, which I really haven't shared around. I can't think of a better place to post something like this, so here's a link to me giving a tree lots of pee to soak up! The audio isn't great, with the wind gusts and it being recorded on mobile, but I still hope everyone is able to enjoy this! If this gets positive feedback, I'll post more in future. I basically slipped out to the backyard one summer afternoon, got my cock out, and just let loose on the bark... a lovely experience! Felt quite good to let it all flow in nature. https://drive.goo
  4. My venture into '60s music has resulted in this becoming stuck in my head.
  5. Finally, a urinal for me! Not sure why there's walls with metal panels attached to them, but that's okay. There's a perfectly good wall to soak with piss on the right. ... What? It says "PISS ON WALL"!
  6. My biggest fantasy for pee? I'd say getting a chance to piss in public with someone, or multiple people. I'd want to be out with a significant other or a group of friends, tell them I gotta piss, and then one (or in the case of the group several) of them says, "Really Pratum? Well I need to pee too, so make room!" Then, after that, pants get unbuttoned/pulled down or skirts lifted, and I just let it loose with whoever has joined me. Watching their pee stream(s) and mine as they splash against whatever it is would be super hot, especially if relief was clearly signaled through sighs and/or
  7. I was first made aware of this site's existence through talks with fellow urophiles, one of whom I believe is a member here. Unfortunately, I cannot recall their name. They did, however, send me a link to this place, where it took up residence in my mind ever after.
  8. Hi, I'm Pratum_Vulpes! Though, you can call me either part of my user, I'll answer to both or the whole thing. To keep things brief, I am a piss lover. I've accepted my urophilia and sexuality in more recent years, though I first discovered this trivia about myself during puberty. I have also taken an interest in writing adult short stories with piss fetish content, as if I wasn't horny enough already. It's possible that I may share or create some stories for this place, but considering I've just signed up, it may be a while. I also participate in erotic role-play in other online circles, so t
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