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  1. I live with flatmates but this summer I was home alone for a while. Usually if I'm alone I like to be in wet underwear, but one day I was at home naked (it was really warm!!) and I felt the urge to pee. I got up towards the bathroom and thought "I could do some on the floor" (as I have already told in public toilets I love to pee on the floor and on the walls) then with my hands behind my back I started a spray of pee. The sight of the first drops falling on my floor excited me so much, so I thought "fuck it", I pushed more and did it all on the living room floor for the first time. Obviously
  2. I defenitely love that. I started during my middle school to go to the toilet and just pee on the walls, so it's 15 years I'm doing that. Sometimes I pee on the floor only in part, especially if the toilet is super clean, but if the toilet is not clean i go directly on the floor, walls, etc. with the full amount of pee i have. I love to see the puddle getting bigger and to see my pee sliding down the walls 😍 I LOVE it, I know that then people will have to clean, sorry, but i will never stop 🙂 (sorry for my english🙈)
  3. Hi everyone! I’m Gaami, I’m 27 and sorry for my poor english. I discovered this site a few days ago and now I have decided to introduce myself. I have been attracted to pee for many years and I like a lot of sides of it. This is how it started: probably since middle school ... I had noticed that school toilets often had clear signs that someone had pissed off the toilet, it didn't take long to realize someone was doing it on purpose and this intrigued and excited me. So I also decided to start pissing out of the toilet, not always and not immediately, it took me a while. The first few ti
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