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  1. I do this often at work. If it’s a slow day and I have plenty of down time I’ll drink a bunch of water and see how long I can last. Usually ends in me going around the back of the building and releasing my full bladder outside
  2. I’d love to hear more. Reading about your desperation kept me waiting for more
  3. Definitely something I’d be interested in reading. What did you catch the sitter doing? Did you and your sister ever pee with the babysitter?
  4. I’m fairly new to the pee scene so this is something I’ve put some thought into recently. As much as I can narrow it down I think my liking to seeing a female letting it flow started in my school days. it was a girl in my classes birthday party, pool party at her house and everyone was gonna be there, even some from a different school. already an exciting day for school age me as all the girls I thought were attractive would be there in their bikinis. Details are somewhat fuzzy as this was years in the past but at some point at the party we are out of the pool and me and some of the boys are t
  5. Not necessarily sneaking but as a youth I was always on various school sports teams. At times as the away team we would be given use of the ladies locker room as the home team used the men’s. as the entire team was there, the opportunity for fun was few but some things I do recall that I remember fondly from these trips were peaking in unlocked lockers (I have a thing for panties as well) and taking a look inside of the sanitary bin in the stalls. (Not something I found incredibly arousing more of a curiosity) always felt a bit naughty in those situations.
  6. I have had some great orgasms doing this same thing. I have an hour commute home from the office. Get nice and desperate before heading out and am absolutely bursting by the time I make it home. Experiencing both kinds of relief and then showering after a stressful day is devine
  7. Thanks for the contribution, looking forward to seeing more puddles from you
  8. Now that’s just part of the fun now isn’t it 😈
  9. We are here for any and all support. You can make it!
  10. Desperation is what really got me into this world. The pressure of a full bladder. The helpless you feel as you dance and wiggle. All building up to a wonderful release, it’s the best feeling. I’m not so interested in the humiliation part but all the lead up to that point is incredibly fun.
  11. Getting pretty close now. I’d say 7/10. We’re pushing forwards still
  12. So far so good! Gonna refill my water bottle in a little while.
  13. Never worked at a theme park but I am an avid theme park goer. I find those long lines can sometimes be the best places to observe some desperation in the wild. Keeps me entertained in line
  14. Definitely has the makings for a promising thread
  15. Boring day at work, gonna see if I can hold till end of day. Anyone care to join me?
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