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  1. I hope you don't mind this question on the natural hands-free direction of your stream. If you were really achingly desperate for a pee and standing perfectly upright with your legs wide apart, with your eager partner lying open mouthed on the floor beneath you, would their mouth need to be slightly in front, directly beneath, or slightly behind your pussy to catch the most golden nectar? And how much would you enjoy this...☺️? I know i would love it!
  2. If Ms. Tito doesn't mind, we could use day 6 to pay a tribute to one of the more active members...and move the spraying dIcks to day 7.... And for the rest some ideas including another tribute to one of the wettest members here... Twelve daring puddyls Eleven peepers peeping Ten lords a-leaking Nine ladies desperately pee dancing Eight maids a-marking Seven dicks a-spraying Six geese gldenwet.....
  3. Two squirting slits Three french wees.. four squatting birds...and the obvious Five Golden Showers 🙂
  4. On the first day of Pissmas, my girl just has to pee, A steaming piss up a tree.
  5. Been lurking a while on here admiring (and getting really horny from reading) all about your crazy wet peeing antics, so i thought i would say a little hello too. I probably wouldn't be brave enough to try most of the things you folks get up to on here, but when my other half is in the mood, I do sometimes get to enjoy her tying my hands behind my back with her stockings, stuffing her panties in my mouth, squatting over me and giving my cock a good proper soaking with her fresh piss!
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