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    A fun, easy going guy into pissing anywhere I shouldn't. Enjoy gossip and a cheeky chat.

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    Leaving a big puddle behind.
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    Pissing myself on train.

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  1. How about, wear some old joggers, don't get you todger out, just let it go to start with fully covered.
  2. Do love a morning tug. Love to leave it a day or so (if I can) and enjoy a bigger load release.
  3. Had some wonderful squat and dick sightings in a Devon campsite, wowwee. One woman put out her habachi grill, minx.
  4. Some of the instantaneous erotic pisses I've taken have been in a sink. Nice.
  5. Hi Thank you for the warm welcome. (no pun intended) ❤️❤️
  6. By magic, can't believe I've stumbled on this site. Just leaves me to get up to my knees in pee.
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