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    South Wales
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    A guy that loves peeing in places he shouldn’t and the risk of getting caught. I also love seeing people do it and sharing my stories

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    It’s naughty when not peeing in a toilet
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    One night when drunk I just had to pee so bad and a group of girls walked past and said how hot it was I was just doing it in the underpass

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  1. I was out Playing golf this evening and decided not to be discreet while peeing.. hope You all like. I was a bit nervous about doing it this open
  2. I would find a wall and pee by that like to leave a mark or stain and then puddle on the floor
  3. Had to use this wall yesterday as my urinal it felt so good. I was only a few hundred meters from toilets but wasn’t sure what time they got locked 😉
  4. So we had workmen at our house and I was checking camera when I caught one of them pissing against the bins on my drive in full view of neighbouring houses and the road
  5. Has anyone ever peed or caught anyone peeing on their property. I mean more house and grounds? I have done it and also caught someone doing it on mine will tell stories if people want to hear
  6. Thank you. I just tried and I can’t send a message yet but if you can me one then great if not I will when I can
  7. Ahh I see:: well I mean hoping to feel comfortable soon to tell Some stories and things from my past experiences
  8. I also was seen by people but when you are desperate it’s not a problem
  9. My mum Seen me pee a fair few times as a kid never and issue and then even in my teens years she never seemed to care and said boys will be boys. Now I am older I don’t know how she would feel really
  10. Ahh I didn’t realise that.. I will try that that’s amazing how many people are on here
  11. Hi, thanks for the reply and making me feel welcome, I am Glad there is a community out there for this type of stuff. I have managed to message a few people and had some replies. I am looking to post about a number of my favourite peeing things and past experiences and fantasies but I al worried about a few
  12. Hi all. I am new here and kind of shy about what I really like, do people chat in private I prefer that then happen to post.
  13. Hey, not sure where this topic best fits but just wondering if women have ever seen more than one man peeing at the same time in public place. And also have any men done it at the same time as other guys?
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