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    Not sure what to put here but to put things simple, I’m just a dude on the internet who likes pee and the idea of seeing women pee.

    I don’t really treat this site like it’s Facebook so I’m not really descriptive or personal about my bio because I like to be somewhat anonymous especially on a website that is designed for individuals who have piss kinks like me.

    So yeah, that’s it really.

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    I feel that my favorite thing about it is hearing a girl pissing really hard and sighing in relief after a long day or a night of sleeping. I feel there’s more then that but I don’t want to take up more space in here.
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    I’ve never really experienced something like that irl but hopefully someday I’ll have a story that’s worth sharing on here.

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  1. What else did you wear besides panties during your nightly outdoor leak?
  2. Hey @Ronnoc172 , I too enjoy looking at videos and photos of women peeing. For some reason I get really turned on when I see a girl pee either in a toilet or squatting somewhere outside, like there’s something so natural yet kind of erotic peeing outside or watching another person pee outside. if you want we can totally chat in the dms. hope you enjoy the site.
  3. “Pictures where you would expect pee but there isn’t”
  4. I think it was a nice thing to do. Don’t get me wrong it is pretty hot but I think it’s a kind thing to do to give someone some cover or be their lookout when they are relieving themselves outside. I hope the girl is doing great as well.
  5. I was thinking the same thing whenever I saw this thread. I was about to post the same image as well. it would be amazing to see sigourney weaver during her partake in the alien movie release her morning waterfall into the toilet and wearing the exact outfit in the photo as she does it.
  6. bungholio69


    Love the stockings
  7. Very based statement @gldenwetgoose I agree with the things you said in this thread and like this place is a cool safe space for everyone who has a piss kink and the last thing we need is creepy men sending unsolicited dick pics to random women on this site and other unwanted weird stuff. I sometimes worry that I might say something weird in the threads but idk perhaps that’s just my brain overthinking.
  8. Oh idk what to chose, as long it’s pretty noisy it’s hot to me.
  9. Anyone down to talk about girls peeing either in comments or dms?
  10. Alright so like both of you go out to eat dinner at a place of your choice and as you enjoy each other’s time, make sure to drink a lot of liquids during that time. When you are done with the whole thing and leave, the both of you should have a good amount of piss that’s itching to get out. When you manage to get home without wetting yourself, the both of you should immediately unleash piss fury on the first carpet you see. You can piss out the Niagara Falls onto the carpet as your girlfriend stands or squats besides you doing the same, it’s romantic and naughty. and if th
  11. The only person I’ve told that I have a thing for piss is my best friend. One night as we were hanging out, I confessed to him that I get aroused whenever I see a woman pee. I explained to him what I liked about it and what not and even showed him a few pictures of it as well. My friend said to me that he’s not really into it but he gets where I’m coming from and is pretty chill about it.
  12. I like the idea of a orc character that I create and play as, pissing in different places during a d&d campaign or encountering other players characters or npcs peeing.
  13. I’ll always mark stuff when I pee outside but I guess a piss distance contest with a friend could be fun.
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