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    Not sure what to put here but to put things simple, I’m just a dude on the internet who likes pee and the idea of seeing women pee.

    I don’t really treat this site like it’s Facebook so I’m not really descriptive or personal about my bio because I like to be somewhat anonymous especially on a website that is designed for individuals who have piss kinks like me.

    So yeah, that’s it really.

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    I feel that my favorite thing about it is hearing a girl pissing really hard and sighing in relief after a long day or a night of sleeping. I feel there’s more then that but I don’t want to take up more space in here.
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    I’ve never really experienced something like that irl but hopefully someday I’ll have a story that’s worth sharing on here.

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  1. Morning pees are the best pees in my experience, and the sound that comes with it is also a pleasurable thing.
  2. I like hearing about women peeing out of windows, I like to imagine being the pov where you’re outside the house and she is hanging her butt out the window and pissing hard as I sort of stand there enjoying the sights.
  3. To be in front of a woman taking a very gushy piss is a experience I want to witness in person.
  4. I don’t really mind using porta potties and outhouses, the dealbreaker though if there is literal human feces smeared everywhere then at that point I’ll do my business outside with other individuals like what I probably should’ve done in the first place like what god intended.
  5. Wish I had someone to cuddle with, like a friend who’s open to cuddling or like a girlfriend I can give affection and cuddles to because I’m kinda tired of not having someone snuggle with me in bed during the colder months. Funny how I would say shit on this website like “god this is nice” under a pic of some girl squatting and pissing full force onto the ground and then I’m like “give cuddles plz” duality of man I suppose. And I can satisfy myself sexually just by jacking off but for something like human touch and cuddles that’s stuff you can’t recreate or simulate, the closest I
  6. Damn that sounds nice, a bunch of girls my age all peeing together in the woods? I can imagine it all.
  7. I feel if a friend who is a woman took me with them to the bathroom for whatever reason and had me there as she relieved herself I would take it like she enjoys my presence and that she trusts me and finds me a great friend to be around. Yes she is doing something that I would get turned on by but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it and see it as something intimate, like how two best friends would platonically cuddle each other if that makes any sense.
  8. Not a woman but I love the pee noises women can produce like the hisses the loud splashy noise they can make when their bladder is full and needed to piss into the toilet I like the sound of gushy piss hitting the ground when a woman pees outside, I just love it.
  9. Thank you for sharing your experiences as a horse riding staff @colette888 me and probably others would love to hear more stories about other stuff you have witnessed.
  10. I feel it should be like a “open world do whatever you want” type of game and it has a good amount of character customization including the option to customize the genitals of your character too and a bunch of clothing options as well so that you can really flesh out your character. For the peeing aspect you can do it anywhere in many positions with different kinds of streams as well and gives you options to do stuff like “peeing in trash cans” or “doing a high squat pee at the beach” or even “having a women character in a nightgown doing a gushy piss into the toilet or the bathtub an
  11. For sure your influence has motivated everyone to relieve themselves outside without judgement. And I’m just imagining the variety of women all popping a squat and pissing at different speeds (I feel that some if not most were at super soaker levels lol) I’m jealous that you can get to witness a good amount of women squatting and relieving themselves in the woods.
  12. Yes, seeing desperate women ducking behind bushes and forestry to release a couple hours worth of piss onto the woodland floor is nice, I bet it was lovely and I’m probably certain that you heard some great pee noises too.
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