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    Not sure what to put here but to put things simple, I’m just a dude on the internet who likes pee and the idea of seeing women pee.

    So yeah, that’s it really.

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    I feel that my favorite thing about it is hearing a girl pissing really hard and sighing in relief after a long day or a night of sleeping. I feel there’s more then that but I don’t want to take up more space in here.
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    I’ve never really experienced something like that irl but hopefully someday I’ll have a story that’s worth sharing on here.

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  1. Same, I’m not fancy or don’t really like rich people but I would like to at least witness two women popping a squat outside.
  2. Totally, the perverted part of my mind likes to come up with ways how a woman can duck behind something and squat to pee depending on the area I’m in.
  3. For me I love it when a women has a hairy bush as piss is gushing out of her. I know hairy genitalia may not be for everyone but hairy pussy turns me on.
  4. He was preparing something for lunch for him and his roommate. Sarah came home looking very frantic about something. “something wrong?” George spoke to her with slight concern, “please move I have to pee!” She desperately yelled and kinda pushed George over to get to the hidden toilet that the apartment owner put there for some odd reason and she quickly opened it up, pulled up her dress and pulled down her panties and tights and sat down on the toilet and Piss starts gushing out of her. Dress hitched up, legs together, panties around ankles, the sound of urine hitting the water ha
  5. Man if I ever think about becoming a taxi/Uber driver I would love to take women somewhere if they needed to pee so that they can get out of the car to pop a squat by it to piss and I can hear one or more women peeing as I sit in the car waiting for them. Or they can pee in the car which you don’t have to bribe me for, just go right on ahead.
  6. I sort of have some clothing fetish’s as well, like seeing women in nightgowns or knee high socks and the idea of a woman peeing while wearing both of those is great.
  7. Yeah I like the feeling of a morning piss. In terms of women doing their morning bathroom trip it’s nice, because most likely they have a decently full bladder that needs to be released so they go pull their pants down and sit on the toilet or pop a squat outside and just piss hard, the sound and smells are great and seeing a relieved expression on her face during a piss like that just makes my day better.
  8. Morning pees are the best pees in my experience, and the sound that comes with it is also a pleasurable thing.
  9. I like hearing about women peeing out of windows, I like to imagine being the pov where you’re outside the house and she is hanging her butt out the window and pissing hard as I sort of stand there enjoying the sights.
  10. To be in front of a woman taking a very gushy piss is a experience I want to witness in person.
  11. I don’t really mind using porta potties and outhouses, the dealbreaker though if there is literal human feces smeared everywhere then at that point I’ll do my business outside with other individuals like what I probably should’ve done in the first place like what god intended.
  12. Wish I had someone to cuddle with, like a friend who’s open to cuddling or like a girlfriend I can give affection and cuddles to because I’m kinda tired of not having someone snuggle with me in bed during the colder months. Funny how I would say shit on this website like “god this is nice” under a pic of some girl squatting and pissing full force onto the ground and then I’m like “give cuddles plz” duality of man I suppose. And I can satisfy myself sexually just by jacking off but for something like human touch and cuddles that’s stuff you can’t recreate or simulate, the closest I
  13. Damn that sounds nice, a bunch of girls my age all peeing together in the woods? I can imagine it all.
  14. I feel if a friend who is a woman took me with them to the bathroom for whatever reason and had me there as she relieved herself I would take it like she enjoys my presence and that she trusts me and finds me a great friend to be around. Yes she is doing something that I would get turned on by but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it and see it as something intimate, like how two best friends would platonically cuddle each other if that makes any sense.
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