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    Straight Male (LGBTQ Ally)
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    College Student and Computer Programmer
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    Oregon USA
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    Just a boy with a piss kink. I love the warmth and would happily talk with anyone else who shares my kink. Favorite things to do with partners include having her piss on my chest then licking her clean and also pissing on her tits. I love to watch people pee and if I like you then I'll let you piss on me or even poke my tongue into the stream.

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    The warmth and the feeling of it running all over my body and marking me as hers!
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    Letting my girlfriend squat over my chest and piss all over me and mark me as her territory then licking her clit clean.

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  1. I got a message from a moderator and after talking I would still like to delete my account. Please delete when you get time.
  2. Hehe I'm sure you'd be a million times better than the squirrel. I wish I could be the squirrel in your story too. I mean only fair to return the favor.
  3. Aw that's adorable! And yes I'd love to hear more of your story and learn about your kink more!
  4. Hi Fanny! You commented on my introduction so I figured I might as well return the favor. Nice to meet you and welcome to the site. It's always cool to see people from around the world connect through the forums. Warm (and preferably wet) wishes from the United States.
  5. Hi everyone, my name is Finlay and I'm 18. I've been a member of peefans for awhile but this is my first post. I'm excited to meet new pee lovers and make friends with those who share my kink. Some things I love include peeing outdoors in fun places like trees and into creeks, being watched/having others aim my stream, being peed on and peeing on others, and talking with other cute people. I am a sub/bottom and I love the warmth of piss. I would absolutely love to have someone piss on my chest and then lick them clean afterwards! A fun story about me is one time I climbed a tall tree and peed
  6. I'm also shy and just getting started so I'm not sure what I like, I know for sure that it feels warm on my hand and that I would love to find someone willing to let me lick them clean after they pee in a naughty place, but messes are also spooky so IDK.
  7. Such a cute little puddle. I love the video. Thank you for sharing!
  8. I've been reading through all your old posts while you have been away. I'm happy you decided to return! We all love your posts. Thanks for sharing your pissing adventures with us all.
  9. I live in the USA and have definitely seen urinals without dividers although I would say it's only about 10% of the time because we are all freaks for privacy.
  10. Hi welcome! I'm always down for a good lighthearted chat about pissing fun!
  11. You're so cute! Love the pictures.
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