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  1. Anyone enjoy peeing on floors of bathroom stalls, garbage cans, toilet seats? Has anyone else been in the bathroom with you while doing something like that?
  2. That’s awesome! But hot too! Glad you didn’t get caught!
  3. That’s awesome!!! Glad you were able to pee
  4. That’s amazing, sounds like you really enjoyed that and needed that !
  5. What’s the riskiest place you’ve peed? what was the situation? were you caught? Loud?
  6. When your desperate to pee, do you care where you pee, who sees, or will you go anywhere you can go? how long can you typically hold it? ever miss the toilet because of desperation?
  7. I was 6 years old and I remember that I had to pee really bad, I was leaving the grocery store with my mom and I told her how badly I needed to pee. She opened the car door, she pulled my pants down and had me pee facing the car . bathroom was not near, I aimed at the ground next to the car door, my mom watched next to me. when I was little ages 4-9 I would pee in the backyard whenever I had to go and nobody saw I remember peeing on the side of a road with my mom , I was around 6/7 , I peed for a long time I remember, my mom said I “pee like a horse” iv peed outside
  8. Hey! Try this, while rubbing your clit with a full bladder, get yourself to the point your about to cum, stop rubbing for a second, once you feel your about to start peeing don’t stop, let your pee out and rub your clit aggressively in circles. Push a little to get the pee to come out and keep rubbing
  9. I would love to masturbate with a full bladder and pee outside somewhere and than finish right after. Iv done both pee and masturbate outside but not together Iv peed my pants 3 times public numerous time I’m desperate a lot -small bladder
  10. Has anyone peed there pants in public, on accident or just a little while walking to the bathroom?
  11. I think if your addicted, no matter where you were , you would t be able to control yourself and your behavior, and start peeing and touching yourself regardless who’s around. If you get urges and can’t resist but love the rush , than who cares if your addicted. Enjoy yourself 🙂
  12. That’s awesome! It makes sense, depends on your mood
  13. I was in a parking lot today, sitting in my car, the parking lot was big and only had 4 cars in it. Some woods next too it as well but a highway on the other side. I was parked against a curb and 3 car lengths behind another car on the curb. The other cars were scattered further away. I noticed these 2 women sitting in the car the whole time, the car was old and the women were in there late 20’s . I’m just eating breakfast and the door opens , this girl is in black sweatpants, grey hoodie and Sandles. She pulls down her pants and squats down with her butt facing me and the road behind me. I co
  14. Share your shower pee stories ?
  15. Any women ever been walked in on while on the toilet? What happened?
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