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  1. The time with the bucket At the point of this sighting, I’d been doing pee sightings for just over 4 years and in that time, you notice similar traits that all girls do, such as using whatever they can to make their pee easier eg. sitting on the kerb, leaning on a wall, even sitting on the front bumper of a car to pee. I always think to myself what can I do to aid in their peeing experience. Anyway… One day I’m walking through Kmart, and I see that they sell 9L white plastic buckets for $1 each. I buy 2 not really knowing what to do with them yet. Later in the week, I’m driving to on
  2. The time at the train station Here’s a recount from another pure luck sighting. This took place on a Wednesday night, around 11pm. I’m at a CBD underground train station (similar to New York’s subway or Londons tube stations). I’m seated at the back half of the platform which has only maybe 15 other people on it at the moment. It’s a middle-of-the-week night so all the other people on the platform are business type people going home from work. All of which have headphones in and are consumed by whatever they’re doing on their phones or laptops. I too am sitting there pla
  3. The time in the romper For those who don’t know, a romper is what we call a playsuit or a jumpsuit. Basically the one piece outfit that women wear, typically composing of a top and shorts or pants all connected to each other. This was early on in my watching days, probably at the height of the rompers fashion trend. It’s Friday night and I’m at my usual spot. Unfortunately Fridays are usually my slow nights so there hasn’t really been any notable activity yet. I see a group of young ladies emerge atop the staircase in front of me. They’re chatting and laughing and having a goo
  4. The time the door wouldn’t close A brief but nice sighting today. This happened last week so it’s still fresh in my mind. It was last Thursday afternoon and I had just parked my car in the relatively empty council parking lot behind the supermarket, ready to go and do my shopping. I notice a pale, early-20s, dark haired girl in jeans and a crop top making her way over to the “Exeloo” automated public toilet on the edge of the carpark. She’s walking at a fairly brisk pace - a sign of desperation perhaps. As she arrives at the toilets, the electric sliding door is already
  5. I think it was the latter. Tayla would’ve probably just come alone with me had Kiera not mentioned she also had to pee. Also, prior to us going, we had seen 3 other people/groups go off obviously to find a place to pee, so they probably felt comfortable knowing everyone else was doing the same thing. I think this was purely because our inhibitions were a lot lower on account of us being intoxicated. And it’s not like Tayla was trying to show off her goods to me but she also wasn’t trying to hide them. I think she just didn’t care. Keira though was a lot more careful not to ex
  6. The time I made it happen Hi everyone! I’m back for 2022 with a fantastic double sighting that took place on New Years Eve. This one is a highly detailed account with a lot of preamble so if you want to just skip ahead to the sighting, scroll about half way down to where it says “The sighting begins now”. Otherwise, sit back and relive this carefree and exciting night with me. Let’s begin. So it’s Friday night and it’s New Years Eve. I’m heading into the city to spend the night at a club with friends. This club that we’re heading to is easily one of the top 3 clubs in my city.
  7. The time in the park A bit of a change of scenery today. This took place on a lovely Sunday afternoon during summer. My longtime friend (who is a girl but is not my girlfriend) and I were out on a walk by the coast. We are walking along a popular 2km stretch of a larger 6km walk that begins at a beach and leads around past a few other beaches and rock pools and ends at the bay. The portion we’re walking starts at the beach and ends in a small park/nature reserve with a small car parking area and a public toilet block. I love walking this walk because it is always frequented by
  8. The time she peed herself accidentally A funny story for today. It’s Friday night, I forget the time but it would’ve been before midnight. I’m at my usual location. I observe a tall, blonde lady in dark blue denim jeans, a grey crop top and a denim jacket approaching the pee spot in front of me. She seems very intoxicated as she’s struggling to walk straight. She’s aided by her male friend who drops her off at the pee spot and then proceeds to take a seat on a bench that’s about 3 metres away and play on his phone. After a brief look around, she decides she’ll pee here and be
  9. Thanks @gldenwetgoose & @Kupar. Definitely one to remember! New experience incoming in minutes… That’s true, @Alfresco, although as someone who used to work at a cinema, I do respect her for taking and discarding it instead of leaving it for some poor kid or usher to find and probably knock over. She must’ve felt a bit guilty already about what she’d done. I’m 95 percent sure it spilt judging by the angle she threw it in at and the loud thud I heard as it fell in. The good thing about garbage bags at cinemas though - they’re usually always waterproof.
  10. There are no words to recount what I just witnessed but I’m going to try. This happened about 30 minutes ago and I’m sitting in my car writing this because I don’t want to forget a single detail. This ranks among the best freak encounters I’ve ever experienced. As a warning, this doesn’t contain a visual sighting but it contains all the information surrounding a peeing situation. The time in the cinema I’m sitting in the exit lounge at a cinema waiting for someone. It’s very busy because it’s Sunday afternoon, it’s the Christmas period, and 3 movies have just ended at th
  11. My thoughts exactly, @Alfresco. I do however enjoy it when a girl chooses a public space that they know other people are going to come across their puddle e.g. an ATM or inside an elevator (which I’ve caught also), and use it as their personal toilet. I too have a had an almost identical experience at a location like this. I’ll recount it briefly. It’s at a small bar basically in the middle of a row of shops on both sides of the road with units all above. I see two young ladies come out of the bar and stand at the kerb. They’re ordering an Uber. Both stand a
  12. That time in the bank It’s early on a Saturday night, just before 9pm. I’ve just parked my car in my usual spot and I walk up to the main street to grab some money out of the ATM so I can buy dinner. I’m thinking maybe a pizza or a burger. Not sure yet. As I’m walking over to the bank, I notice two young ladies entering. Both are strawberry blondes, thin, attractive and young, wearing slim fit dresses. This bank has a seperate room out front that houses two ATM’s in a brightly lit area. The bank entry is to the left, closed behind a roller door. Standing on the street looking in, t
  13. The time she asked for permission Its around 2am on a Friday night. I’m sitting on a bench on the main street having a bite to eat not expecting anything, then suddenly I get the biggest shock of my life! They’ve forgotten to put onion in my kebab. Damn, I was really looking forward to eating this. Regardless, I keep eating. Some minutes pass and I see a lady approaching. I’m not really in ‘sighting mode’ so I don’t think anything of it. She comes and sits on the bench next to me. I say hello and ask her about her evening. She says it’s been fun and she was heading home. She’s quite
  14. Don’t stop dreaming, you never know what could happen!
  15. Appreciate the mention, @The99Club. Some great experiences so far, especially the first one with Michelle. What a great girl! I do wonder though what made her comfortable to pee in the stall next to you the first time but the second time she got “uncomfortable”? Maybe she just overthought it?
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