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    I'm a 16 year old male who lives with my parents and loves playing with pee.

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    I love feeling warm piss run down my chest.
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    Watching my current girlfriend pee in the woods.

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  1. Great collection! I would love to contribute a stream. Do you care if I censor my dick?
  2. Just a few months back I was also completely hopeless in terms of ever getting to explore me fetish with a partner either male or female, but now just a few months later and I am in a happy relationship with a girl who I love with all my heart and as of recently we have started experimenting with pee stuff and it is going really well. My point is never give up on yourself I'm sure you will find a partner and once you do it will be amazing! I wish you the best of luck. Plus this site is a great place to meet other pee lovers. Who knows maybe you will find a friend here who lives nearby.
  3. Here are the results so far. This google sheet will update automatically once more people submit. Thanks for all the responses and feedback! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-_QbL3tw5ssdpFIgGl1P5JKsakyASZGBy7lTlEhPIDY/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Hi everyone! I was discussing comfort zones in terms of piss with my girlfriend and it occurred to me that it is really hard to decide what you are and are not comfortable with. So I decided to create a quick Google form to help couples by looking at a list of piss related things and answering with how comfortable you are doing that thing. I will be posting the data I collect from this form into this thread later this week so if other people are curious then feel free to check back in soon. Please feel free to give me feedback in the comments or share you answers. Anyhoo here is the link to my
  5. Thanks for all the amazing stories @pop-a-squat What kind of peeing do you like to watch, Girls, Guys, Both, Public, Private, Inside, Outside?
  6. I personally love the feeling of warmth running down my body. Weather it is my own pee or someone else's I want to have that feeling of golden warm liquid rushing down my chest as much as possible. I always make sure to drink a lot before my showers so that I can start by pissing on myself before getting clean.
  7. Personally I prefer pee but I'm also very much a bottom and so whatever my top wants goes for me.
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