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  1. If I’m desperate I can fire my water pistol quite a way lol 😂
  2. Love him doing the potty dance before he starts urinating and yeah......he was one full boy!
  3. Looks like you’re well hydrated though 🙂
  4. First tinkle of the day feels soooo good!
  5. I often sit on the toilet and hold it in when I get up in the morning and see how long I can hold it in for! When I get close to needing to go, I tell myself “You don’t need a wee, you can hold it in cos you’re a big boy” and sometimes the feeling of being bursting goes away for a while 🙂 Then I wank myself with a nice full bladder and the need to go to toilet tingling feeling still there, then when I squirt I hold my stiffie up and sometimes I empty my full achy bladder all over my stomach and chest 🙂
  6. Sometimes it’s interesting how taking a shower makes you want to go to toilet when you come out....I find if I take a steamy shower, I want a wee quite often when I get out 🙂 guess it’s the hot water!
  7. Nice colour! Nothing like a good strong wee in the morning when you get up!
  8. That looks like a nice long strong stream!
  9. Wow you were desperate! Bet it was painful undoing your trousers holding that much piddle inside you - like your morning piss when you’re itching to whip it out anywhere and spray!
  10. When I stand to go to toilet, I often wonder just as I’m pushing to start pissing “I wonder how it’s gonna come out?” 😂 Then the flowing feeling starts coming and think there’s no stopping me now, just gotta go and see what happens 😂 Hold it straight and it still squirts out sideways and at an angle like your piss @buspee7 So girls, when you tell your boys off for spraying the seat....actually it’s not always easy to predict how it will come out when us boys piss 🙂
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