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  1. Haven't approached that particular subject with her yet. Ill ask if she's up for it next time and see what she thinks
  2. Excited to share with you all.... Had a fantastic night with my beautiful soul mate last night. She decided to slip into some very tight, light grey cycling shorts, drink a large bottle of wine and sit on the kitchen side and release her bladder in her shorts. She made me drink her pee from the kitchen side while she showed off her wet patch with her lips showing through the material. Then we made our way into the living room where she demanded that I clean her up with my mouth including sucking the pee residue from her shorts (she even slapped me when I pretended that I didn't want to).
  3. English yella belly here, Lincolnshire born and bred, currently live in a large industrial town in North Lincolnshire
  4. I like putting the missus on a toilet ban on a Saturday night when she's having a drink. No peeing to be done anywhere but on me. She loves it, she finds it as arousing pissing on me as I do
  5. I never knew I was into pee until one night about 7 years ago (I'm now 34) my smoking hot missus came home from town wanting to sit on my face. Of course I indulged her desire and kept her there until she had an orgasm. I got so carried away that I wouldn't let her go. She told me she needed to wee and if I didn't let her go she would piss in my mouth. I was enjoying eating her so much that I refused to let her get off, so I started to feel a very wet and warm sensation in my mouth and all over my face. She remained in place until she had finished emptying her very full bladder and I drank mos
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