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  1. Would love to help contribute to your collection ❤️
  2. Welcome! You’ll find everyone here is like you! Love to watch you pee sometime 💛
  3. So, I don’t know who’s interested, but I always find stories of how people got started fascinating, and figured I’d put mine out there for anyone else curious… When I was in the second grade I was staying the night over at a friends house. Staying up late, drinking too much soda and bouncing off the walls. Obviously, people that age don’t (and shouldn’t) know anything about sex. I knew I had a penis, and that sometimes it got hard if I touched it too much, and that was about it. Well, we’re running around his house and getting up to no good, and we started rummaging through one of t
  4. I’ve peed inside two different women, and both said it was the sexiest thing they’d ever done. Both of them had previously enjoyed piss play a bit (not as much as me), and were kind of just going along with it, but once they experienced having someone piss inside them they were fully converted. I guess it’s because it feels like someone was cumming inside them, but more intensely and it lasting forever. I loved how excited it made them and feeling it flow back down onto me was also really hot. It wasn’t the easiest thing to get timed right–having to go so bad while also maintaining
  5. Hi Valerie! So glad you joined and are having fun exploring your pee kink 🙂 love to chat sometime!
  6. Hi @Morwyn75 🙂 that’s a hot story. I love it as well, and feel like if more people tried well-hydrated piss they’d be into it, too. Even if people don’t want to swallow large amounts of it, having your mouth filled with piss and tasting it is SO sexy.
  7. Nice to meet you 🙂 happy to join this community recently, too.
  8. I’ve had an ex hold my cock as I peed in her mouth and she directed my stream to wherever she wanted it on her body. It was beyond sexy. but I also would love it if it was more casual. To have someone just hold my dick as I peed in the toilet or urinal would be really sexy
  9. Hi everybody I’m a 38, clean-cut, normal guy living in the Pacific Northwest. I’ve been into piss play my whole life and I’m finally seeking out some community with like minded people. Even before I really knew what sex was, the very first VHS porn I found in my friends mom’s closet happened to have a lot of peeing in it, and my mind has linked sex and pee together forever since. To me, there’s nothing more intimate and sensual than integrating each other’s piss into a sex life, and if you feel the same way I’d love to be friends
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