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  1. I had the same issue yesterday . Though today it's working better today .
  2. Hello & Welcome to this site . Hope you will find what you are looking for . in sharing what you like to do. As well as be more informed on the fetishes you have to enjoy in. it would be interesting should you share in some of your past experiences you have had . As we all her would like to know more . About who you are and what you like to do. So hae fun :)
  3. Well , in mmy reserch of Seeds 2345 , I have discovered that Her username is / has been deleted . Though all of Her stories were still there but under the title of Deleted in name only. So as it has turned out . it's hard to find those experiences she had enjoyed in & wrote about . just that you just need to know the particular title each of them & that's really hard to locate. unless you see Her username within the experiences she has written on there . it's a big problem most times :(
  4. Chubby _ kitten , Go for it & enjoy the release of both pee & you making yourself cum ;) ;) Then please, tell us all how very aroused & exciting it was to just let yourself go , pee & then rub till you orgasm all over yourself ;)
  5. For those of you on ths website . Who are WarBird enthusiasts in restored W.W.II aircraft to flying condition once more . I I have some good news to report . A B - 29 named Doc . Which has taken 16 years to restore it to new flight again. I can now report . That Doc , has just completed it's first flight . After being fully restored . With I must add with flying colors . When it took off from the main active Air Force Base , McConnell . This very morning successfully with no problems assciated to that first test flight . it completed . The ony problem encounterd prior to taking off.
  6. Kevin


    Scot _Lovr , Maigh & Mary , I want to wish all 3 of you good Luck > Take your time to pack up . Move everything to your new house & get unpacked again . Plus getting settled in to you new place in which you will be living soon. Along with all services resttored and up and running smoothly once again . We will all be waiting patently for you , Maight and Mary . To return when ever possible . Take Care
  7. L Pee 23, Teaser videos / DVDs can be ordered through at Patches Place . As well as the DVDs of Debbie Ashton too at Patches , as well. Pee Devil , Jorana , Kim Riga & that of Noorth Star . Can also be ordered through Patches Place . As Patches Place , now has the right s to copy such videos . That now are currently represented there at Patches Place . Should you care about checking that website out for further information on all these Producers I have listed here. Plus you can in doing additional researching . Can contact either Flo Moore / Ann Yuesis there through their ow
  8. I do Hope that you might have saved some experiences fro a Female Member , username of Seeds 2345 As she really enjoyed in peeing in public as well as in private . That of wetting Herself too . Which would be well worth saving them from E.P.
  9. I agree that the first experience the couple might have gone their separate ways over this encounter . As the B/F , was a jerk and really didn't care about Her at all but only Himself . Which I would never do to a girl I'm going out with . That need to pee out of desperation . The second example was really good to read about . That I believe the girl was having fun in peeing and squirting as well ;) Good experiences you had . Hope you will add more to this thread of yours . As it was very good reading . :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  10. Interesting , Hope it will fulfil your need to know for the future . That I look forward to reading what you have collected . May I suggest that of ; 1. Patches Place ----- patches.net 2.. Sneaky Pee 3. Glimpse - It 4. Debbie Aston 5.Pee Devil 6.Jorana 7. Teaser 8. Pee Garden 9. Kim Riga 10. North Star 11. Hope & Spirit 12.. H.D.WETTING These are only a few of the ones I had really enjoyed in visiting . Though a few are still current open & still running . I do Hope that you will add them to your list. Thank You
  11. Hello & Welcome to Pee Fans . Hope you will enjoy bein here . In being free to share your experiences . That of what you might be looking for as well. in getting to know this site & those of us . into all aspects of peeing . So have fun :)
  12. Beach Mom , Am pretty much the same as you are . Except desperation but , not in the extreme nature of it . Like trying to get from your car , open the front door to your House . Then make a dash to the bath room to let it all flow :)\ Though I do agree with you . That extreme pee bondage / Humilation . Really doesn't turn me on from much in arousing me . In that i don't believe in inflicting any pain at all . As I really look into the overall nature of the pee fetish I do enjoy in . To better fully understand the aspects of it . . So i voted like you did on here .
  13. Lojoboy , Welcome and enjoy yourself while on here . That of what you like about peeing ;) As I like in watching a girl like you enjoy a pee somewhere ............. naughty ;)
  14. Welcome to Pee Fans :) Glad you have joined here as a member . Because I would like to really get to know more about the fun you have in peeing ;) So feel free to share more of what you like to do :)
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