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    The first time I peed my pants on purpose. I only had in mind to make a little wet spot, but ended up soaking everything. That moment when really letting go....

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  1. It comes and goes. For me it's a few times a year I'm really into it, and wetting myself really turns me on. (Mostly when the summer starts). I always enjoy looking at pictures or videos of woman peeing or wetting myself, but activly doing some 'pee-play' is like eating cake, only really nice if you are hungry and haven't eaten it in a long time.
  2. I read you don't drink alcohol, so this answer is totally useless. But yeah, beer sure does the trick!
  3. Ha, yeah. I found a booklet from a postorder company in my parents drawer. I very vividly remember a cover from a video you could order. It showed a squatting woman, helped by 2 man, peeing on a table in a chamber pot. It was also before I could ejaculate, so I tried peeing with a boner to get rid of that lower belly feeling 🙂
  4. Yeah, seeing woman pee while standing is a beautiful thing. I also like to see them wetting themselves (as I like to pee my own pants). Do you just like seeing people pee, or do you also like to do some 'pee-play' yourself?
  5. Outcast? No, it's all the others who are not aroused by pee who are weirdo's 😉
  6. Wow, serious IT security. Not even your own cell phone? For me it's the other way around. When I'm away on a work trip it means hotel and no family and I have some time alone for some silliness 🙂
  7. Welcome. Brave b.t.w. to post a photo of yourself (I assume it is). Have you always been open about your kink?
  8. Wetting myself. I love the build-up, the desperation, the release, loosing control, feeling the warm wetness, the naughty feeling I'm doing something I shouldn't be doing (I always do it outside).
  9. That sounds like it should be a thing already! That would be so freaking hot .
  10. Aha it's with an "e", isn't it.... Yeah, my mash shorts are for the weekend only.
  11. Not boxers, but sports shorts. The one made totally out of mash. Also noone sees it if they are wet. I love wetting myself.
  12. Nice! When I dream of peeing it is always about wetting myself or peeing /making a mess when and where I'm not allowed. Like taking a pee and accidentally peeing on myself and then having to show myself in public. And in my dream it is not a hot thing, just embarrassing.
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