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    The first time I peed my pants on purpose. I only had in mind to make a little wet spot, but ended up soaking everything. That moment when really letting go....

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  1. In a galaxy far, far away, when in my twenties, I had a long relationship with a girl who liked to drink as much beer as I did. And there was always inappropriate peeing after a night out. Everywhere. I loved to see her squat, pants pulled down, peeing between cars, in the bushes, the grass, the street, bathtub. Pretty much anywhere where there where not much people around. Or when she new the people around. 'Don't look' she would say, but that was it. It always turned me on. She never knew.
  2. Sorry, I'm just going outside to take a pee 🙂 The last one before I go to bed. But have fun!
  3. I love wetting myself to. And I always do it outside. One thing you can do is wash your car outside (in shorts), with so much water, no one notices if you completely pee yourself 🙂 And of course there is the beach/pool etc. I also have these sports shorts made out of mash. Even when they get wet, it doesn't show (they are also dark). I have let it run in those several times. If you find some clothing like that you can pee yourself even in the park.
  4. Thank! She is gorgeous.
  5. Please don't feel ashamed. It is just pee, and it is just sex. Have fun with it! In the 70s many people tried to open up society, but still people feel ashamed of their feelings. And why? Probably because we are afraid we won't 'fit in' . But you do. Many people get aroused by watching/hearing women pee. Like you said: it's very private, and it is only human to feel close to others. But having said that: my wife knows for instance I'm into seeing girls pee and wet their pants. I even told her one time I get turned on when peeing my pants, and i love doing it every now and then.
  6. Wow, crazy story. Learning something every day. Doesn't it stink? It's almost like vandalism peeing, i wouldn't like to stand in other people's pee at a gym. And although I understand how people get a kick out of it, I hate the smell of old pee and I don't like it when people pee in public spaces, I find it quite disrespectful. A parking garage, a tree, a lonely wall, an alley, okay... But I really hate it if I have to be in a train, an elevator or changing room that stinks like pee.
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