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    Not exactly sure what to put here, just happy to be surrounded by like minded people :)

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  1. Loved the story! Maybe you could have a pee there yourself? Definitely a conversation starter that you use the same room as a toilet haha
  2. Well done in your first power piss! Having a wee outside is always fun 🙂
  3. Thank you! Might get more confident in time but for now I’m glad you like it 🙂
  4. So I went on a walk today and it was absolutely boiling hot! ground was very dry so I thought it needed a good watering. Was very enjoyable as I haven’t had a naughty pee in quite a while, it’s making me want to be more daring. I’ll keep everyone updated if I do decide to go somewhere a little more interesting. (Would like to apologise for the picture only showing my stream and puddle, I know there’s far better pics that you’d want to look at but for now I don’t feel comfortable showing where the stream came from) Anyways hope everyone has a great pee filled day 🙂
  5. Welcome! I’m also a massive fan of relieving myself outdoors, I’m sure you’ll love the community it’s very friendly.
  6. Wow, if that’s the case I need to hang out at the stable yard more often haha.
  7. Definitely a hot memory! The thought of it is a turn on for me but I also see the funny side to peeing next to your horse.
  8. Welcome! Can't really say much else since I'm brand new myself but thanks for the shoutout! My account is just coming up to be a day old and already I've noticed how nice the people are here. Love the pictures btw!
  9. Ah I understand what you mean! I completely agree, just didn’t really know how to put it into words. As for what she thought about me, my family has always been relatively open about peeing. Mainly outside no one has an issue, I think the same goes for a lot of people.
  10. Thanks! Already people are being very supportive. It’s a great community, I think it’s quite interesting to see how everyone comes together to discuss their love of pee, it’s just like any other “normal” interest that people discuss online except no one judges here.
  11. So here’s one of my favourite semi-recent pee encounters although it gave me very mixed feelings. Also this is my first real story post so I hope I format everything okay and describe things well. I regularly go with my sister to the stables, she had 2 horses at the time and I was helping her muck them out. When we were finished she said to me “I’m just going to have a wee before we go” I said I’ll just wait here. I excepted her to go to the toilets since there were some at the yard but to my surprise she went back into one of her horses stable (this had wood planks on the lower
  12. To those who regularly pee in open areas and are caught, what do people say? I’d imagine that most people wouldn’t mind too much but do they actually make a quick comment? Or maybe start a whole conversation while you’re still mid stream. Only been caught once myself and they weren’t very happy so I wondered if I’m right in thinking that I was just unlucky or if “normal” people aren’t usually the most excited to catch someone. That experience put me off going in open areas in general. I’m trying to get my confidence back so I can go in more exciting places, which is one of the r
  13. Amazing story! Been trying to work up the courage to complete the “rite of passage” myself but I haven’t quite got there yet. Just got to go for it I suppose, hopefully this is the first of many for you though.
  14. I haven’t been quite so brave yet in going in super risky areas. My favourite place I’ve peed so far is probably just the woods, I know pretty basic but I just find it very enjoyable. I can just relax. On the spot my dream place to pee would probably be in an abandoned building of some sort, again not that risky. I’d hope that there would still be something left behind to pee on like a sofa but the floor or wall will do just fine!
  15. I vary quite a lot when it comes to washing hands if I’m honest. At home I sometimes do and sometimes don’t, mainly if certain family members are around I feel obligated to or if I’m going to be eating after. In public toilets I definitely wash my hands. Obviously when having a pee outside there’s no sinks around so no one excepts you to wash your hands which I find interesting. Some people who except you to wash your hands after going in a toilet change their tune if it’s outside, I don’t understand how that works. Does anyone think that it’s just because the sink is
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