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    I barely started getting into naughty pissing and I love it!!! I also like to create characters and write, so if ur into rping hmu!

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  1. Desperation, gl, public pee >>This is my first piss fic, I have written other fanfics in the past but this is my first involving pee. Hope you like it! Btw I didnt edit it so I hope its ok. Marianne squirmed in her chair as she tried to hold in her pee. There was only half an hour left before her shift was over, but she couldn't wait that long. Marianne was a fan of naughty pissing, but had never done it at work in fear she may get fired. She looked around the small office. Her boss had given her a special assignment and wanted to discuss it, but more pressing matters forc
  2. There wasnt really much of a mess since half of it soaked into the carpet and half splattered on the tile. And when I was a kid I kind of always liked peeing where I wasnt supposed to, usually the bathtub or sink And pee cum is like clear sticky liquid that remains after you pee, it's kind of fun. Hah it's amazing how I remembered my first naughty piss so vividly 😂
  3. Good idea, actually. The first time I tried pissing in my room was before I knew that naughty pee could be a fetish. The first time I tried was one morning (still in my old room) and I already had to pee. The night before I had already made up my mind to try pissing in my room. So I went to the kitchen and drank as much water as I could, all of this happening before anyone else in my family awoke. I went back to my room, full of water and played the waiting game. Half an hour later and I was dying for a piss. As I stripped from my bottoms, I knew I would be able to piss i
  4. Update: I've been holding my pee for a while now and I've pissed twice, once on a tile floor and a second time on a towel. Those were both part of the same pew because my bladder is really shy and it takes a while for me to start pissing somewhere besides the toilet. For some reason whenever I pee I make a lot of pee cum, not that I'm complaining or anything. Here are the pics of piss flowing out of my cunt, I'm kind of insecure about the way my pussy looks but I like these pics.
  5. So I've been using this website to a lot but I only recently made an account. I still live at my parents house and recently my brother moved upstairs. I hadent told anyone but I've pissed in my previous room several times so when my brother moved into that room he didn't know why there were yellow stains on the carpet. I blamed it on the dog. I moved into my new room across the hall. I hadent peed in it yet, but I wanted to try. Later that day, my brother and I went for a swim, and od course, I peed a couple times. It feels so good to pee in a pool. After we left the
  6. Hey! I'm lizzie and I've been really into naughty pissing fics for a while and I finally decided to make an account! Nice to find a place that accepts this kink!
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