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    I'm a pansexual female movies gaming and anime are stuff I love to do.

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    I love wetting peeing in places I shouldn't and watching others pee and wet themselves
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    I once peed inside a washing machine

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  1. What was your favorite place or thing to pee and what is on your list of places or things you wish to pee I have a favorite chair I use to pee on whenever I felt the need to. A place I want to pee is the cinema with friends we would all be in the theater room and while the movie was playing if we wanted to go we would either in our seat or in the aisles.
  2. Honestly this is a fantasy of mines i wish I had a group of friends to do this with
  3. Ive tried it multiple times solo and liked the experience but I also wish to try it with others and see how that goed
  4. My name is Mavis. I'm a 21yr old female. I've been a fan of pissing for long time but never reallu knew how to find communities like this. Ive mostly used imvu for my pee kink talks vut I'm happy to find online forums like this to share experiences anf find like minded people. I'm pretty shy when coming into communities so I'm taking a leap to introduce myself. I'm hoping to find some nice friends on here.
  5. This might dive into other things as well. A favorite fantasy of mine is acting as sort of a pet where I live with someone and I'm allowed to piss wherever I want so say I'm sitting on the couch watching tv if I need to go I just go right there. After the person finds out what I did they bend me over their knee and spank me. They would also pee on me whenever they felt like it. This fantasy of mine would happen with a partner or with friends doesn't really matter to me.
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