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    Female / pansexual /open relationship
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    The warmth and peeing in places thats a nono. The desperation and feeling pf just doing it on someone or getting pissed on. I love to enjoy watching men do it while hard as well as women peeing as far amd hard as they can
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    When my bf would let me watch him and I would play and lick his tip while he pisses on my breast. We would also every time we have to pee we would pee on each other or in cups or bowls in front of each other. I also enjoy watching him piss on hard while letting it spray everywhere in the house. Also I love pissing in bowls or cups or while using a vibrator. I also just squirt pee spots in random parts of the house.

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  1. I’m here with a guy friend and we both enjoy pissing/piss play he mainly does it because he knows I enjoy it. So we decided since we have a 3 day weekend we would have naughty piss time together we flip the bed over and he lays there flat I had to owe first. I didn’t let my full bladder go because I mainly wanted to watch him piss. But I let go as much as I could and watched his dick jump and get harder. I climbed down and sat next to him and playfully stroked his dick until he started squirting piss. He had already been drinking all day and holding his piss until he was extremely desperate. H
  2. I remember as a child my god aunt ( same age as me back in the day) would pee standing up ( I caught her one time on accident) and ever since then she would let me watch her pee standing up and try to teach me how. Eventually I got the hang of it and did it when I had to pee in the shower at my much older cousins house. I remember her busting the shower curtain open because she thought I was playing in the shower and seen me peeing standing up it didn’t go that high but no stream ran down my leg. And I think from that point on I had a piss fetish lmaoooo
  3. Indeed I don😲🤤😍 very impressive stream I’d love to feel that all over me or just simply watch you. Have you ever done any naughty peeing?like wherever you want
  4. I think what’s gotten me into piss was my god aunt we where like 10/12 and we was very open with each other so idk what happened exactly I just know we just like watching each other pee especially when we do it standing up so we can pee without squatting. Or actually now that I think more about I think I walked into her using the bathroom and she was pissing standing up and I think that’s what started “our” pee play time
  5. It’s a fairly small collection but I’m personally into power pissing or really heavy thick flows of piss so very hard to find such pissing gifs but I hope you enjoy
  6. When I search for ebony piss porn it’s the complete opposite and involves scat which is not what I’m into at all lol
  7. Normally every time before me and my boyfriend have sex we like to do pee foreplay so I would piss on his dick and he would either piss on my tits mouth on my clit or even in a cup in front of me I just love watching piss. And when we feel ready to do it. He can piss on command so he would piss on my clit and rub it around to lube myself and he would stick it in. Sometimes depending on the flow you can’t really feel it but when he’s rock hard and really desperate to piss it feels really good then it literally feels like you’re peeing especially when he pulls out and you push it out it feels li
  8. This guy I used to date a while back did that to me even tho I was holding it’s still impossible to hold. It hurt a teeny bit but that’s because he started to suck a little hard but once it came out a tiny bit it started to flow and he continued to suck and roll the top of his tongue on my clit while I pissed. Best feeling ever.
  9. Tbh it’s the same thing for men too I love the sounds of strong gushy hissing piss. I think it might be an anatomy thing or how hard/much you have to piss. Or for example I like to lay on my back or doggy style piss into a bowl and it’ll hiss more than peeing regular
  10. Sometimes when I’m peeing I like to try and squirt pee in small amounts around the house or as far in the air as possible. In general I’m a power pisser so when I pee it’s non stop
  11. On my back so I can squirt my piss as high as possible and standing up but kinda squating. Sometime doggystyle
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