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  1. Myself it turns me on, if I see girl after peeing doing some booty shake after peeing, neither its bouncing or sideway shake. Its just hot, I think.
  2. Yeah it can be rare, some inventions have been in U.S as in Europe. Seems that if you want to buy a female urinal, from India it would be very cheap 🤨
  3. So there has been many inventions according to female urinals, but what about women, do you ever had trying pee on those urinals?
  4. Hello, hello. I have been bit of while on this forum, but I don’t have introduced me yet. So I come from Finland, where the Santa claus lives and Nokia phones (When it was before Microsoft) Myself I have alot of hobbies and do many gym & swim training. So atleast I don’t stay at home. I got involved very young age to pee things. One of the girl who was my friend always went for pee. One day she squatted in front of me with pussy and started to make a long powerful piss with loud hissing noise. After that watching womans peeing, specially outs
  5. Have any got experiences with escorts about peeing? Myself I have been thinked to contact one of the escorts, but haven’t got courage yet to do it.
  6. Funner


    Does pee flow more powerfully if you do the sounding?
  7. I have always enjoyed the hiss pees and stronger. But I don’t care if women is younger or older, the best thing is to see her pee.
  8. I have been really curious about this, what I do have heared, that younger girls does more hissing peeing than olders, but it depends on the person
  9. It depending. Mostly I like when it naturally flows. Somedays I like to spread pussy lips open. I mostly enjoy when woman squats. When the butt is on visible. But also somedays I enjoy watch in the toilet. And mostly different kinds of toilets. Outhouse, porta potty etc. After the pee I would like to wipe pussy clean of piss with paper. Ass shaking I love also. That is very hot. The stream can be gush, hiss. Specially turn on, when it is powerful. Flying far or having thick stream, which flows enterely from pussy, not like a laser beam.
  10. https://www.bt.dk/underholdning/ligestilling-paa-skanderborg-vaersgo-og-tis-piger Experimental urinal. Perhaps I should start by self make some women urinal plans and perhaps build.
  11. Funner


    Same here, hopefully it gets back
  12. I want to add Sneakypee Jessica and Tara e. Young. Both pee so great, and having great body. Unfortunately they are amateurs, but still I would be ready to date, take specially Jessica out. She is very sexy
  13. Myself I would buy a island. Build some porta potties. Some of them with urinals, some are squatting toilet and normal toilets. Then I would hire some models. Perhaps from B2B or somewhere else. And alot beer. And of course toilet papers. Sometimes I watch, and wipe pussies. Sometimes I spread lips open. And of course there would be times when they pee outside, or to my body. And every night different girl to have sex with
  14. Myself I enjoy go to porta potty, if it’s not stinky. Because you can hear so much of women peeing in portaloo. The craziest was the one men who was hiding in the tank and filmed.
  15. Has anyone heard women peeing in porta potty or outhouse? myself I have 2 times heard in porta potty. I was on going to take a dump on porta potty. Then I heard door opening and closing. Opening the lid and taking off jeans. Then starts dribble hitting the bowl tank. Then starts gush hiss hitting the bowl with dribble sound. It was very nice sound that I don’t have heard before. the another was. When one girl entered on side porta potty. Her stream started directly with hissing noise. It was very loud, I did got instant erection after that. share
  16. I don’t have. I have been trying to find a girl who would enjoy it.
  17. One day I did hear a Gush hiss. It started with burble and directly ”foooshhh”, it was very newest to hear. But mostly I like the hiss, sometimes burble if it’s comes out like waterfall and gush. The faster or powerfully the better.
  18. Does anybody heard how women/girl pee sound as whistle? I have heard many times hissing sound, but not whistling. What kind of echo it does make?
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