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    Been into pee since I was a kid; giving, receiving, wetting, naughty places...

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    Pretty much anything pee related where toilets aren’t involved
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  1. @WinterAzalea You are stunning. And I must say, you have a beautiful arse
  2. And not worth ruining perfect small boobs!
  3. Stunning pics! Love your sexy curves! And those lovely pierced nips. And, oh my oh my, you have a beautiful arse! Thanks so much for sharing!
  4. OldPeeGuy


    Enticing as always, @puddyls
  5. Just wow! You look beautiful clamped!
  6. Very much so! You show it off beautifully!
  7. Beautiful pics and beautifully filled lingerie. Very sexy indeed!🔥🔥🔥
  8. @Naughtypisswife thanks for your absolutely beautiful pics. You are very sexy indeed! Beautiful figure, and a great arse! 🔥🔥🔥 And yes, you definitely got me hard and stroking!
  9. I’ve done go karts (hire karts, so nothing too exciting...) and a few tracks. Always great fun. One track was great in a kart, but as they were 4 stroke hire karts, they weren’t super fast - a couple of laps in and it was hard on the gas basically the whole lap. Haven't done indoor electric karts, but they are supposed to be fun too. Have done indoor karts (petrol) years ago for a mates bucks night. After the second lap it was ‘ho hum. This is boring then’. And then the guy came out with the sand - the track was polished concrete. That was a blast! Sideways through corners just drift
  10. Damn. I can see how frisky you were! Just wow!
  11. @Belladona Very nice pics indeed. Thanks for sharing!
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