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  1. i’m holding my pee & horny & i want let go somewhere naughty, but i live closely with another person & need to be sneaky about it. & clean. what’s a naughty place that has easy cleanup & isn’t too obvious...?
  2. sometimes i get too focused on my painting for my own good. last night, i just ended up letting go bit by bit in my athletic shorts. & then eventually got desperate & let go on my makeshift paint palette. here’s some footage of it: painting fun (disregard the watermark for my reddit. i don’t want people stealing the content that i post online)
  3. hey love, i’m not a man unfortunately buuut i would still do these ideas ahaha
  4. i’m super sleepy so i’m probably gonna touch up on this more later on, but i am gonna say that my partner knows & they actually got into it too. they aren’t as naughty as me though which is totally okay. i’ve also opened to some of my friends, especially ones in the industry because i wanted to buy pee content off of them to support & i know they don’t judge w kinks & such. ahaha. turns out a couple of them were into it too!
  5. i’ve wanted to do more public stuff & more nonchalant stuff, but i want to get creative. i always think of amazing ideas but forget to write them down...so when it’s time & i want to do something my head is empty. so it sucks aha. i’m honestly into everything & anything though aside from diapers. my bucket list is probablyyyy •changing room •no toilet day •flooding a floor & wall of some sorts •power peeing on a curtain •holding until i truly burst & the list goes on.... i do want to do a beach & forest pee again! las
  6. i want to do it for my own fun & experience ofc, but it’s also good to get it on video, kinda like killing two birds with one stone. plus sometimes it’s my only encouragement to actually go out of my comfort zone & pursue my fantasies. & unfortunately i didn’t like how the video turned out because it didn’t show it hitting the floor, which is what turns me on the most about the experience. & it’s a bit of an excuse to do it again, & actually spray the whole stream on the floor this time instead of getting nervous because of how loud it hissed & splashed. ah
  7. i might need a photographic example of this
  8. i did it on a public bathroom floor the other day... desperately sprayed it across, but i hate how the vid turned out. so i guessss i gotta do it again 😉
  9. i’ve been trying to find a good abandoned place for this (& for an aesthetic shoot for my own personal use) but the good ones always seem to get knocked down around here
  10. i don’t have a front yard or driveway like the average person
  11. like more than one? & what position?
  12. Hello! I was just wondering if you guys had some good recommendations for pee content. Get creative, tell me what you’d want to see, or what you haven’t seen yet on the internet. I can be pretty ballsy if I’m horny enough. I will post results ofc if I use any of your ideas! Side note: I got crotchless panties today 😉 I’m hoping to involve those into some pee adventures
  13. i don’t think i’ll be posting videos on here, just pictures of the videos if that’s cool. but i do have some snippets of my videos on my twitter (@urlocalpissbby) .
  14. I wish I lived alone so I can just lazily piss off of the side of the bed, or set up pee pads / containers so I can avoid using the toilet. I also want to pee at a cinema & potentially a dressing room (respectfully).
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