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    I love when women pee standing up like men, with their stream going forward than going down. Take it up a notch when they pee thru their zippers like a man. What will really get me going is that they use a urinal.
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    I made a couple of escorts pee standing up like a man. The first one had a huge bladder and peed for a solid minute, then she shook her pussy like she had a dick. The next one pee went really far... hitting the other side of the bathtub.

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  1. I thought I'd come in with another standing pee story. A few years back, I was really horny. Unfortunately, my FWB's were not responding to my calls and messages. So, I decided to use an escort instead. Paid $60 for hh. Not bad. Long story short, I fucked the escort. But I didn't cum yet, and I wanted to finish in the bathroom. So I dragged the escort to the bathroom. And then I asked to pee while standing up like a man in the toilet. I showed her how I wanted her to pee. No bending knees, hips forward, facing the toilet and one hand on her pussy to give the illusion of her having
  2. Ok. I'd thought I'd give a short experience of what I saw. Flashback to 2012, I turned old enough to drink legally (in Canada it's 19). I was at a festival that was held at a nightclub backyard parking lot. I drank and smoked a lot at the festival (away from my family and with my friends). The bathrooms had a long line for the women, and the line was made worse because 2 of the 3 toilets we're broken. So the owner and manager said it was ok for the ladies to use the men's room. A little bit later, I had to pee so bad (4 beers, 3 mixed drinks, some water and 1 weed filled cigar went
  3. So with that being said, I apologize to whom I may have caused any discomfort. I hope Eliminature can forgive me. Can you guys forgive me?
  4. Ok. I've never meant any harm on this site. I just wanted to praise Eliminature and her peeing abilities and find more people who share girls peeing standing up like a man thru their fly opening. I just want to be apart of the community. So I do apologize.
  5. I'm sorry if I'm being too direct. I'm just a huge fan of girls Peeing like a man, and I have found the true queen of it. But if you want, I'll leave. I'll cause no trouble.
  6. I don't want any trouble, Elimanature, I'm just a fan of true peeing. But if you want me out, then I'm gone.
  7. I've always prefer women who can pee standing up like a man. I hate it when women sit down. So restricting. So I'm looking for photos and videos of women who can aim so well out of their zipper/fly wherever. Toilet, bathtub, sink, outdoors and my Favorite, URINAL. Then shaking their pussy off like they have a dick. Whether it be from this site or another, I'm open to suggestions and picks.
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