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  1. Can we start a thread on female ejaculation? It's almost like pee. The first time I encountered it, I didn't know what was happening. Maybe a year later, there was a "sex discussion" group meeting that I attended, where you could write questions that were read by a moderator. Then whomever in the group knew the answer could pipe up. I wrote down my question. Immediately an older lady in the group piped up and explained it. I'm betting that she, too was a squirter. She said that lots of men are turned off by it, but it made me really, REALLY hot. Now the story. 'Twas one o
  2. We'd been doing pee-play for awhile, and it was one of our rare chances to get away into the woods for some play time. I'd been watching for a good peeing log as we went up the old logging road, as she became more desperate. Finally, I found one: a Y-shaped old, dead tree branch a couple of feet off the ground with room for me to get underneath. Turned out that she didn't just need to pee, she was also horny: Her lips had spread in anticipation, and I could see inside her labia, all the way to the peehole. And I discovered, for the first time, the source of that curious hissi
  3. I like seeing piss coming directly out of the pussy. And my favorite is watching from underneath. Get me shots looking up into spread legs, or even better well-lit shots taken from under a toilet seat, under a couple of logs in the woods, etc. and I'm happy as a clam.
  4. Hiking in the woods. And keeping an eye out for good peeing logs (for her to sit on while I watch).
  5. Hiking in the woods. And ALWAYS keep an eye out for good "peeing logs" for her to use!
  6. My last S.O. weighed upwards of 300 pounds. Sex was, shall we say, difficult. Not only being able to reach in, but just getting hard was a chore (I usually used memories of my ex-wife and our many pee adventures). So, she was always thinking of ways to get me hard. Well, she was into kink. And would take me to BDSM parties. And one summer night at an indoor/outdoor house party, she found a girl for me to play with. I went into the kitchen and filled a bowl with warm water and found a clean washcloth. Then the three of us went to a corner of the very private, fenced-in back yard
  7. Never did. Never had a measuring cup handy.
  8. Correct. I'm a photog, and one of the cardinal rules is that you don't boink the models. If you're taking pix, it's of someone that you don't have a relationship with.
  9. She had never been shy about peeing in front of me. I remember, one time before we'd even married, that we were camping with the kids (from prior marriages) and she squatted down right there between the tents and firepit one morning, and let it fly. I dared not show my hardness: there were kids in the tents. She was the best sex partner I ever had. Years went by, and she was so satisfying that I forgot all about my pee fetish. Then one day we were on a hike without the kids. She said she had to pee. So did I. We peed in our different directions, I finished before she did (she
  10. My first marriage had just ended, and I didn't know much about vulvas. I had learned the location of the clitoris, but not much else: that wife would not allow me to watch her pee. So it was my first post-marital fling, and she was WILD. Just what is needed for a confused new-ex-husband to start finding his way in the world - and inside a vagina - again. We fucked like rabbits. All the time. And she developed a soreness down there that she wanted me to look at. OH BOY! I get to take a really good look! "Huh," I mused, "I wonder if this is her pee hole." I would get a chance
  11. The other night around a campfire, one of the women kept talking about peeing. Got me horny. My guess is that women are subconsciously trying to call attention to their pussies. But that's probably just wishful thinking on my part.
  12. We liked to do our pee-play in the woods. Of course, there has to be a way to clean up afterwards. So on this particular wilderness backpacking trip, I brought along a light plastic tarp to stand on while we bathed each other using water heated over the fire. When I got down to her pussy, I asked her to pee. I loved watching that golden stream pour out from between the lips. But this time, I couldn't help myself: I began playing with her pussy, rubbing it crosswise while she kept peeing, and the pee went every which way including all over my hands. That was hot. Later, afte
  13. She didn't have to ask twice. Backstory: She was helping me move out of a house. Kids were away, secluded yard, just the two of us. I'd found an old pair of her panties while emptying out the bedroom, and they got me feelin' jiggy. But she was on her period. So I told her about the panties, and my horniness. Her answer: "Well, I have to pee. Do you want to watch?" There was an old lawn chair with one strap of the webbing missing. Missing in just the right place. We both disrobed, she sat in the chair, and I laid down underneath it, face up. The view was beautiful.
  14. I don't have many pix to share, but I do have some stories. True stories. Of pee-play that I and a certain ex used to do. Guaranteed to be boner-genic. But not today. Took too long just getting on here. But you'll hear from me over in the stories section!
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