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    Straight male from NC! Love chatting about pee with other girls. My messages are always open if you would like to chat.

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    Wetting, peeing outside, getting peed on, peeing together. I love hearing the sound of it hit whatever surface is being peed on.
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    Peeing on my ex girlfriend in the shower!

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  1. Maybe I'm weird but I DESPISE stopping on road trips. I always try to make the least amount of stops possible for gas or bathroom breaks. I'll normally stop at a gas station or at a state border welcome center though.
  2. Just going to bump what others have said about the snipping tool. I use it for screengrabs all the time for personal and work use.
  3. Well that is fun! I had a box I used to go in too.
  4. I normally just went into the water and peed in there. I always enjoyed it because I was peeing and nobody around me knew. This might fit better in another thread, but I was with my then girlfriend at the beach with my family one summer. My GF and I were out swimming in the ocean and we both needed to pee. She pulled her bottoms to the side and let me feel her stream as she went and she held me while I peed too. Was a fun experience. We quickly excused ourselves and told my parents we were going back to the condo for "lunch" after we got out.
  5. Yeah smoking is disgusting. Massive turn off for me as well. Not too big on the "mommy/daddy" thing. I had a girl who called me daddy when we had sex and it just made me uncomfortable.
  6. Good seeing and reading about your pee again. Thanks for sharing.
  7. I told my friend when I was in high school, turned out she had the same kink too. Sadly never got to pee with her though.
  8. hmm. first one I would go outside in the alley. I really like peeing outside and hearing it splash against a building and the ground would be good. 2nd one I would find a bush or a tree to pee on. That has always been a favorite of mine! 3rd one I'd probably piss on the vending machines Last one is tough. I like the secluded corner idea but opening a window and going out that sounds fun. Can I vote for opening the door and pissing in the snow?
  9. Great stories and pics as usual! Glad to see you are back and hopefully doing better!
  10. Male. No style Untrimmed/natural. I change it every now and again.
  11. Thanks! It was actually the best I've had so far. She was the perfect combo of gentle and aggressive, and it made me feel really safe and happy with her, which I like.
  12. About two weeks ago. Hooked up with a bridesmaid at a wedding. She was amazing. Got her number and we've been chatting since. Hoping things go well and I can see her again.
  13. god I don't even remember. I think I saw a picture of a girl peeing on wikipedia commons years and years ago. I was interested and found more.
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