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    Straight male from NC! Love chatting about pee with other girls. My messages are always open if you would like to chat.

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    Wetting, peeing outside, getting peed on, peeing together. I love hearing the sound of it hit whatever surface is being peed on.
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    Peeing on my ex girlfriend in the shower!

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  1. god I don't even remember. I think I saw a picture of a girl peeing on wikipedia commons years and years ago. I was interested and found more.
  2. Daily or once every other day. I've been masturbating a lot lately actually.
  3. Hi there! 27m here. Love your fantasy in the bio, it sounds very hot!
  4. I've been to many a sporting events in my life. Here in the states, most men's rooms have a "trough" for a urinal, instead of individual urinals. Looks like this. Personally hate the trough, so I'll hit a stall over anything, or just wait until I get home. Lines are too damn long and I don't want to miss the game/race that I'm watching.
  5. Oh god, bodybuilding.com forums. Have y'all ever seen that post where they have a 10+ page argument about how many days of the week there are?
  6. Thanks man. Really means a lot. Hoping things get better soon, but that does some with some hard work.
  7. I guess April of this year. She broke up with me a few days later. Kinda on a confidence low right now with dating/love.
  8. I just got back from a 4+ hour roadtrip a bit ago, and I'm pretty sure I was about to piss myself the last 5 miles home. Right as I got in the door I ran right to the shower and just pissed for about 2 minutes straight. It was probably the best relief I've ever had from having to pee!
  9. Tag rugby sounds like a lot of fun! I'm not the biggest dude in the world so taking hits is not my thing, but rugby is such a cool sport. You nailed it with kickball. It's a soccer/baseball hybrid and it's a great time. Very popular with school aged kids in the US, and adults here because you can have a drink or two while you wait to kick 🙂
  10. Had a kickball game Monday. It really kicked my butt! I dove to make a catch and I'm fairly confident I got turf burn all over my leg. Flag football game tonight, so we'll see how that goes!
  11. peeguy1211


    Great shots @puddyls! Love the view up the skirt.
  12. I love eating pussy. My dream is to have a woman sit on my face and piss on me as I eat her out.
  13. Welcome to the site! Glad to have you here.
  14. Peed in the shower after drinking and the pool. I really had to go
  15. Welcome! Glad that you have found us and we all love pee here.
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