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    25 clean ddf, Bisexual, love pissing on/in cars specifically, would love to have someone mark my vehicle

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  1. Pissing on/in cars is my favorite, nothing's hotter to me, I really want to find people with this fetish irl so they could come soak my car, it's even a convertible and white so it's the perfect urinal on wheels
  2. https://www.xvideos.com/video66705829/pissing_on_a_miata Video I took a while ago, I bought an old Miata as a project car but it's honestly just become a urinal and I have no intentions on changing that. Would be down to post more if this peaks any interest ❤️
  3. I have this old beater Miata I picked up for pretty cheap as an alternative to my main car, it's basically just a rolling urinal at this point, but im always trying to find a way to meet others online who are into it. I think it'd be hot to set something up where i could just leave it in a hidden area unlocked and with the top or windows down and just let people come by and use it at their leisure
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