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  1. If Makita can make a battery powered chainsaw the should be able to make one helleva vibrator!
  2. Paulypeeps, thank you for the erotic adventures of Astrid and Erica and their family. I've masturbated through almost every chapter. In my mind I can see Astrid and Erica's marvelous bed just oozing pee every time they sat on it. At 27 chapters it might be long enough for publication. I don't know anything about internet publishing, but I've read a lot of internet books and as a niche publication for out fetish, yours is outstanding. I'm sure as more members read it, more members will want to read it as word gets around. In time, I sincerely hope, it will be considered a classic.
  3. If you could design a house just to pee in it, What a wonderful and brilliant thread you have started Pop-a-Squat. I've read every entry and hope to contribute my own ideas very soon.
  4. Please don't worry about writing too much. You write a wonderful story and I'm sure the readers savor every word...I know I do!
  5. The subject is everything, you are an excellent writer...take as long as you need. We savor every word.
  6. Sorry it was so long, but this is the only way I can get this across,
  7. We always remember the first time, you'll with fondness I sincerely hope.
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