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    Bi female
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    My dream job is being a janitor so that I could piss on everything rather than clean others' messes.
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    Would prefer to be in a stranger's house, surrounded by valuables and pristine articles of clothing waiting for my piss.
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    Love piss vandalism, careless pissing, public pissing, and pissing on others' belongings and property.

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    The ability to ruin someone's day within a second.
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    Still in the makings.

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  1. Just curious. I realized that I tend to be a more reserved and quiet person, someone who you'd probably not assume to be into pee, so I was wondering if anyone is open about their fetish in real life (with a partner, close friend, etc.) to any extent. - If not, what is holding you back? Would you ever tell? - If so, with who? How do you feel about someone or multiple people knowing, and how did it go telling them? I myself will probably never tell anyone since this is a personal thing for me. I prefer to be "open" with my fetish behind a screen, lol.
  2. Perfect summarization. You just echoed my feelings. I also love the fact that I'm not obligated to feel guilty or sorry for it. All selfishness, no remorse.
  3. Whichever situation is naughtiest to you. Whichever brings you the most pleasure.
  4. For me, it's the control factor and everything the comes with it. The ability to fuck something up just like that with my piss, the sheer fact that I hold the power to ruin a toilet or a room and face no repercussions. I love the way I can just destroy a janitor's day, make them work hard for their coin lol. Not that I had anything against the person, but just because they were my lucky victim. Their undeserved misfortune puts a smile on my face.
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