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    Recently divorced and now looking to find someone (or several people) to share my love of pee play.

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    Golden showers, especially receiving
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    Limited experience so far so still waiting for it. Would love to receive a golden shower from a group

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  1. I found one of my cushions is falling apart so decided to make use of it before I got rid of it, so here is my second video: https://www.erome.com/a/N83NMUf6 Having never pissed on anything similar before, I expected it to be more absorbent but ended up with a nice warm puddle around my knees. I think it might get used a few more times before it goes into the rubbish...
  2. I didn't tell my now ex-wife - it would probably have hastened the end of our marriage! She didn't like anyone in the bathroom with her and I never saw her pee. I have only shared with one ex girlfriend before my marriage and that was because she admitted to being interested before me. We were talking about fetishes and peeing came up fairly quickly. I have remained single since my marriage broke down so haven't yet had to think about having the conversation yet. On here is the only other place I have shared my interest - knowing I am in good company with like minded people!
  3. Yes, I am interested as well. No requests at present though.
  4. @Kupar - until I started to articulate it here, I hadn't really thought about it as being simply a desire to get pissed on! @oliver2 - a bit of both. As I have got older I have noticed a stronger submissive streak emerging but I also want the intimacy. I would also be happy to give as well as receive, but the fantasy is definitely to receive!
  5. A couple for me. 1) a woman facesitting me and just letting it go whilst I am going down on her so it goes all over my face and in my mouth 2) being in the centre of a group of 4 or 5 men, giving them blowjobs whilst they are pissing on me. Reversing the sexes would also be high on my fantasy list too. Reading this back, I think I just want to be pissed on...
  6. I answered both as I identify as bisexual. Even before I acknowledged that I was bi I have been fascinated with watching men and women pee, especially if I can see both the stream and the source.
  7. Decided it was time to take the plunge and contribute something more visual than my forum posts. So, here is my first - which includes a number of firsts: piss video, sink piss, video ever uploaded online. Now I have started, I may get more adventurous - maybe an outdoor one next time! https://www.erome.com/a/6Yxd5yVh
  8. Thanks for sharing - love the mirror piss!
  9. Yes, I was thinking of King for the literary side of things. Thanks for the link- an interesting read - including pointing to a couple I have yet to read.
  10. Great questions! I've seen many a good (and more bad) horror films over the years and have occasionally wondered why the peeing response is not used more often - it doesn't need to be shown (although I wouldn't object!) if film makers are worried about ratings, just a reference in dialogue. I've long seen it as one of the cliches of horror and would love it to be more common. I seem to recall it being more common in the written form (there is a list somewhere on here of literature including peeing which I read a few days ago - perhaps we need a similar list of films?). Maybe it's the combinati
  11. I was actually looking for a dating site and thought I would see if there were any piss/fetish dating sites. This site came up on a google search. Although I quickly realised this wasn't a dating site I decided to join to surround myself with likeminded people who understand and share my love of pissing!
  12. Now neck and neck again - South East UK but moving further South next month (still in the UK though)
  13. I was in my late teens in the early 90's. We didn't have internet at home, just a desk top computer. There was a group of 5 or 6 of us who would get together to view porn. One of my friends downloaded a load of straight and lesbian porn to an external hard drive that I could hook up to the computer at home to view at my leisure. A few of the pictures were of people peeing and these were always the ones I went back to. By the time we did get an internet connection at home, I had sort of forgotten about peeing until I started seeing a girl who was into it - she initially wanted me to wet my boxe
  14. Thank you @peelizz for sharing this. Looking forward to the next one!
  15. Alj08


    Hi, I'm Alan 45 bi male, currently in North Hampshire. I have been fascinated/captivated/obsessed with everything pee related for over 20 years. My personal experience is limited to one ex-gf - we started off with wetting then moved on to golden showers. I love to see source and stream - male or female! Looking forward to meeting other likeminded pee fans.
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