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    Love pissing in all forms, mostly vandalism and domination and stuff like that.

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    Property destruction, bed-wetting (as in standing up in someone else's bed and going off, lmao), the occational golden shower.
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  1. I've tried to put words to it, but nothing seems good enough. For me it's mostly the feeling of being naughty, putting my pleasure over someone's well-being. I also love sharing my fantasies with others. It's so strange and honestly gross, but is it bad that the fact of people thinking that of me makes it better?
  2. You just put two new ideas in my head! It's a strange phenomenon, tbh. I can't exactly put a finger on why I love it so much. I think it's the thrill, the risk, but mostly the effects it'll have on the victim. Will they have to replace something expensive? Scrub the floors, wash the clothes, repair some electronics because I pissed all over them simply because I felt like it? Maybe it's the power dynamic. The fact that I can do whatever I want, destroy whatever I want, soak whatever I want, and they can't do anything to stop me. The fact that I could ruin someone's day or week (or pr
  3. Always loved the idea of ruining someone else's shit by pissing on it. Even better if it's in public. I don't know why, but it's just so hot to me. Anyone else?
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