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  1. Lesbian couple, vaginal fingering, golden shower, pee desperation. In short, pee and ex don't mix. Or do they? ************ “Can I kiss you?” Her voice was soft as she stood a few feet away, clothes off, arms out, and waiting to hold my body close. I smiled, getting ready to say yes, when I felt an intense rush of pressure between my legs. Shaking my head, I stepped away, knowing I'd wet myself if I didn't head for the bathroom very soon. “You can after I pee,” I called, rushing towards the bathroom as fast as I could. “Come in if you want - door’s open.”
  2. Bad audio and visuals, too much talking, and background noise.
  3. ...but glad to be here among like-minded people. You can call me Xander or Elyse; I answer to both. Genderfluid (she/they) lesbian. I very recently discovered that I might be more into pee than I probably should be, but after lurking around on here, I can see I'm not alone. Things I like in general include Jane Lynch, reading, writing, drawing, gaming, coffee, musicals, and cats. Anything else, just ask.
  4. Anne Robinson is another of my choices and so is Holland Taylor. Interesting how? I'm curious. And thanks.
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