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  1. Well, that made me hot and wet! Nice photos!
  2. Thankyou. That was awesome! I’ve been away from the page for a bit, and this was the perfect welcome back!
  3. Perhaps they have similar urinals at different footy ovals. This one was at Prospect Oval, in a suburb of Adelaide.
  4. Ahh, but look at those ribs showing! Personally, I think you look perfect.
  5. Yes, I did catch a few glances. I’m sure he did too.
  6. And that tight shirt is a little bit too sexy!
  7. Another awesome pee! What a lovely stream! I love seeing it come at me like that.
  8. I certainly am one who appreciates it! I enjoy the wetting, and really love seeing the penis reveal mid-stream! It makes me wet a little too!
  9. 1. An old car 2. A “friend's” carpet 3. A pillow 4. In my bedroom closet 5. In a glass
  10. I could have, but I’d have less of an excuse if someone noticed! ;) I do have plenty of walls and things around my place that I could pee on. When I build up my courage for more risky outdoor peeing, I might try. My video shows the empty paddock behind my place, but on the other three sides I have a lot of neighbors!
  11. Yes, a little, but at other times I have managed the shewee with pants and no mess. The edge of the compost bin was a bit too high. I’ll try again, but I’ll stand on something. The attempt was exciting, despite the fail. I’ve not peed outdoors before. Well, not since I was a kid.
  12. Well, this is a fail, but go ahead and have a laugh. I decided to use my shewee to add some urine to my compost. For my first outdoor foray into the world of peeing in public, I thought that might be something I could get away with, if caught. In the video, I show what’s out the back of my place: it’s a public area, and people often take their dogs there for walks. It was quiet today. My attempt at watering the compost went well for a few seconds (those noises are not ducks: I farted little duck noises! ;D ), then the shewee slipped and I wet myself. I was startled and jumped back.
  13. I discovered what toys could do when I was 14. I was looking after my sisters place and I found her back massager. It vibrated when turned on. I sat in the (empty) bath and put it on my clit, vibrating, just to see what happened. Well, I nearly jumped out of my skin! I had my first ever proper orgasm, and first ever cumming. It was awesome! I have had my own massager for a long time now! Easy to hide in the open, because it’s not an actual sex toy, it’s for massaging my sore back! 😉
  14. Another video of using the shewee clothed. https://www.erome.com/a/n8JAapiu
  15. Here’s a short demo of me using it fully clothed for a little tinkle in the sink. (The video quality is poor, but you get the idea.) https://www.erome.com/a/3mLNoblB
  16. It made it even more interesting, for sure. I love to watch a man pee, but when they turn towards me while peeing, seeing that pee come at me, it’s like being peed on. And that’s hot! I don’t mind if you do it more (it’s ok if you want to stand back and miss the camera!😉).
  17. Ooo.. that's nice. I like how you pee towards the viewer at the end.
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