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    I love to drink pee and have my ass filled with it.

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    I love the taste. I love the feel of my mouth being filled with pee.
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    The first time my ex peed in my ass.

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  1. I have found a gentleman to come and pee for me. First time he visited, I drank every drop he had. He wants to do it again and so do I. I drink it straight from the tap.
  2. I have found this site to be a good one. https://www.peeingcupid.com
  3. I carry a plastic bag to store them in until I get home. I carry all my trash in it.
  4. I always wipe. Even if I pee in the woods. I carry supplies with me all the time.
  5. I am in the US. In the state that looks like a hand.
  6. Welcome to the site. We are all facinated with pee on one way or another.
  7. I've tried it, and couldn't do it. Hard enough to do if they are relaxed, but if they are holding, impossible.
  8. I prefer mine straight from the tap.
  9. I would pee off a cliff not knowing who was at the bottom.
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