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  1. I would prefer to tell a long term partner but I have been with people that I wouldn’t see again who saw me peeing
  2. Not sure why but on nights out and things I tend to use alley ways more than actual toilets 😂 does anyone else do this or know people that do
  3. That’s a cool story and great that they are so open with itn
  4. Wow that’s a very hot story I would do the same to be honest if o could and would have no issues you doing it.. my ex’s mum seen me pee outside once
  5. So hot would love to have you in my house
  6. That’s such a hot story. If you chat in private could you drop me a message
  7. I have peed in the pool while swimming in the shower and once in the grid by the locker. No one caught me
  8. To be fair I think most girls at festivals do have a look
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