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  1. Hmm well most every girl I've been with in recent memory is aware- if they weren't it was only because I didn't have time to get around to mentioning it. Last girl I was ah-em with was already into piss and wetting and liked watching vids of girls pissing or wettng...she had wet in lakes before. Oh she got some piss vid out on her phone and handed it to me while we were fucking, as she knew I'd like that. She sometimes pissed in her bathwater if I remember correctly, and I know she pissed and fingered herself all the time in the shower. We were planning on going to a lake toge
  2. Don't think I ever dated someone who if they weren't into it before, didn't want to participate once I mentioned it, and that didn't immediately want to do it after I brought it up- (and they did do it). Once I mentioned it, they pushed engaging it it with me.
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