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  1. Of course a woman will want to be good looking (desirable) - but in the post of yours I responded to, you made it sound as if it was the women competing over the men, and using heels to look higher, and make the man think she could have stronger offspring, and therefore choose her. Sorry if I misinterpreted you. In the animal kingdom it is the males who compete for the females - either by fighting, or impress her with the finest nest, or the beautifulest of feathers etc. It was never the females' "job" to look beautiful for the male. Humans are animals. Animals who learned mathematics. And invented stiletto heels for their females also. And it actually confirms - in this thread. The question was (mildly re-written): Why do porn models keep their shoes on in bed - we men don't notice it anyway". So when men don't notice - it doesn't help her evolutionairy. Good thing for the ladies: We ARE a few who actually notice her feet and mules. Enough that there exist you tube vids with ladies dangling their heels. They typically have a few hundred thousands views worldwide. Yeah, porn vids with cocks being sucked have millions of views, so the stiletto thing is relatively small compared. Many "stiletto and feet admirers" like me frequencies working ladies to have their fetish satisfied. I do, admitting it gladly. Will do it again, and have some piss, too. Hell yeah. Anyway, I just answered to this thread to explain some of the thoughts stiletto freaks like me have. But "we" are very different as well. Some have a thing for jerking off, and cumming over the heels. Not me. I want the stilettos to ONLY have female DNA on them. And some like to dangle a stiletto shoe on their hard penis. Not me. I want to caress and kiss the feet, stilettos coming on and off 100 times. MAYBE I want to suck the toes (when the stilettos are OFF) - but only if she tells me to. Problem with sucking toes is - that now my spit and DNA are on the toes, making them eeeew. But if she ruthlessly stuffs her feet, both of them, into my mouth - then yes, let me suck'em. It's kinda a dilemma. But one will have to have the same mind as me to understand. Most men are just happy to see their dicks down her throat.
  2. But - it is the woman who chooses the man, not the other way round. She chooses a man who she thinks will be a good father for strong children, and provide for her (classsic stuff) So it cannot have anything to do with that. Stiletto heels were invented by men as a "feet jewelry" for women. Women didn't invent them to cheat in the propagation process. The stiletto was invented as late as 1950. I guess the stiletto heel is a phallus symbol. Now it is under the lady's foot. She treads on it. And, when speaking about pumps, the right design now gives the lady 4 cleavages per foot. Look at these couple of pics. What secrets lurk right there in the shoe? Are they sweaty? Are they naughty? Long nails? (Is there life on Mars? Which secrecies lies beyond Neptune? How big is the Ort cloud? Interesting subjects, yes, but compared to the secrets at the end of those cleavages - even the depths of our Solar System become irrelevant) But if a man's main interest is to stuff his penis down the throat of a woman - her toe cleavages and stilettos are of course not for him. The beauty and mystery of the lady foot and toes are for Feinschmeckers. For people who can dwell into it, and immerse himself into it. Here are 2 pics with cleavages, 4+4. If you can't see the beauty, and feel the thrill - what can then drag you in? To me this makes my heart beat faster - and it's just a pic. Damn, I've spent months and months of my life (if combined) to caress lady feet. Will do it again. Here's also a pic of the PERFECT bed-stiletto heels, the green to the left. Note the height - they're pretty low. Note the minimalistic elegancy they have to them - then add a lady into them. Can't you see it? The ones to the right is sweet too, bet the green ones win. Perfect. (90% of all stiletto heels on the market today are plain ugly and complete misunderstandings - this little pic shows the perfect bed-heels) (yes, I know, I'm a nerd)
  3. People have different ideas. Imagine the woman of your dreams, naked. What is she then? She's the woman of your dreams, naked, all good. Now, imagine her naked, but with a pair of sweet stiletto mules, like the one I described, and pictured. What do they add? They add: Lady. Madame. Dame. Damsel. Bimbo. Even slut. They add something on the scale between "fancy upper class" to "slutty whore". Where on the scale depends on the woman, and what she does. The heels help emphasize. There is also something else. I guess the heel under her feet - could symbolize a phallus. So she has the male organ UNDER HER FEET. Yes, dominance. The heels could be a phallic symbol, trod down under her authority. Someone invented the stiletto heels for a reason, and it was NOT to be practical on gravel roads, and in the field. But why do I try and explain this? You are deaf and blind to it. It's for the ones who are into details. Stilettos add feminine beauty, in combination with her feet. There are also men who simply find the heels themselves a sex symbol, and cum on them, or piss on them. That's not me. I want to worship the woman wearing them. But if your main interest is your own penis, and to piss on stuff with it, you probably has no sense of the beauty.
  4. The shoes add: I'm naughty. I'm self-confident. I KNOW I'm gorgeous. I have high authority, so speak nicely to me, and behave like a gentleman. I know you fancy my sweaty feet, and here they are, with a gift-wrap around them. Uuuuh my piss might get into the shoes, and ran onto my toes. Now I have piss wet, sweaty feet in my pumps. Yeah, you like it, boy, I know you do. (And then add that it looks beautifully. The shoes are nothing - but when you "add" some - preferably sweaty - lady feet, (and a lady) it explodes in visual beauty. Then add her sweat and and and...) (By the way THESE exact pink pumps are a little too high for my taste, they're a little extreme. I fancy the ELEGANCY of it all - these might be a little too much. Let's see if she can control them while walking. They must NOT humiliate her, like some modern stiletto designs actually do. They must stay ELEGANT and MINIMALISTIC the Marilyn Monroe way or so.) (And I totally agree with you - I'm crazy with everyday women, preferably older matures or "grannies")
  5. Well, a lady wearing her stilettos is HOT. It shows self confidence, authority - and it looks fantastic. I certainly find it extra ++ HOT when a lady has her stiletto slides on during sex. Playing little games, dangle them on her feet, drops them - "pick 'em up, boy" putting them back on, complimenting her. Ladies' feet are fantastic. They can do so much more than tits, which actually can't do much (but we sure like them) - the right stilettos are like jewelry on her naughty feet. I adore lady feet - and there are 2 different kinds of stilettos I like: 1: Mule slides, with very thin soles, and the stiletto heel low or middle height. (If too high, they make the lady a VICTIM) - if the height is just right, she POSSESESS them - and that is what I like. And 2: Pumps. Middle to a little over middle height, but still THIN soles. What's fantastic about pumps is that when the over side piece over the toes is a little cut back - the lady now has 4 + 4 cleavages - toe cleavages. Yes exactly. Here are a few pics with mules, and 1 with pumps. There's nothing as beautiful and sophisticated as a lady, lying on her back with legs up and spread, heels high, maybe resting on your shoulder, or other fantastic little teases. It's a viseal experience - and if you're lucky, you might play with her feet and shoes. I HATE (hate) stilettos with platform heels. They turn the poor woman into a female goofy. And they are ugly and laughable. But look at these pics here, and watch these 2 you tube vids... (Maybe only one of the you tube vids can be watched here, try click and see what happens) Stilettos on during sex: YES, that's what they're for.

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