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  1. As the title says, have you ever peed on something valuable or expensive? For example designer clothes, expensive furniture, luxury cars, or some art piece such as paintings etc. What is the most wicked piss? Have you ever peed on something out of the moment's excitement and then regret it?
  2. I have it in reverse, when I was in college I shared a room with a guy, he had a steady girlfriend who would often come over for sex and they would ask me to leave them for a couple of hours each time. Over the years we developed a close friendship, enough to openly talk about many things. It was then that I learned they regularly fucked on my bed. After they learned I was fine with that they actually started making fun of me when I got back. On a day in particular they told me I was lucky as Daisy (the girl) almost peed herself on my bed and barely managed to run to the bathroom. Though I nev
  3. This is so far my hottest experience, I met a married couple online who was into pissing and humiliation. They were a bit far from me and couldn't travel so I had to go to their town and they hosted me. It was unfortunate as I would have loved for it to happen at my house. As agreed I wore nice expensive clothes and brought a change with me. They had me lay down on the bathtub still fully clothed (a fairly large one) and they stood on top of me naked. There they started having sex right on top of me, and I could see their sex from underneath. They went on until they both came, then she let the
  4. I was 4 or 5, my cousin (female) was over to play with me, she was my same age but still had accidents. At one point she was riding my favorite teddy bear when she froze and after a while I could se my teddy bear getting wet and dark... At the moment I felt a very strong feeling, and after her mom changed her and my mom washed the teddy bear, she got back to me and told me it didn't matter they washed the teddy bear, her piss would be on it forever. From then on I knew I loved to watch my favorite things pissed on.
  5. I would let a girl pee anywhere she wants to in my house, carpets, bed, sofa, furniture, paintings, my clothes, myself, anything that's in the house could be pissed on. I would love to quantify the damage a girl could do to my house just by pissing in 48 hours time.
  6. You are very welcome, and my house and everything in it would be your toilet
  7. You can visit my house whenever you want and I'd let you pee literally anywhere you wish
  8. My fantasy would be having a group of people (mixed women and men) at my house, where I'm the only one fully clothed and everyone else is naked and they all can pee wherever they want, while I'm forced to watch. They can piss all over the house, furniture, walls, bed, sofa, inside the wardrobe, and of course all over me. A more realistic one would be having a single girl or a couple do the same, but even this is not easy to find.
  9. 29 years old guy with a strong attraction for pee. The difference with many people is I am not into peeing myself but rather getting peed on or watching people piss on something of mine. My biggest dream would be hosting a party at my house with a large group of people, both women and men where everyone can piss wherever they want drenching me and my entire house in piss

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