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    Unemployed Computer Games programmer
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    Port Sunlight, Wirral
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    I'm single but would love to find a soulmate! I've only just come out as a urophile - decided that life's too short to hide who I am! I know this is not a dating site but most of them are just a con!!! This seems like a nice place! I'm into retro computer games and play the guitar - to be honest I'm an all round geek! - Nothing turns me on more than girls peeing and would love to drink straight from the tap!!!

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    The smell, the taste, the warmth - I'ts just lovely - I like bedwetting, would love a girl to wet the bed with me!
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    I wish!!! Every time I've asked a girl to do this she's said that she would - but only in the bathroom! That is just too clinical for me! I don't want a gob full of soapy water!

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  1. This is probably an old one but I've only just heard it and love it! What's the difference between roast beef and pea soup? Any fool can roast beef!
  2. Yes apparently it's the meteorological End of Summer! The seasons are so messed up though... . .
  3. Yes it seems like it's one extreme to another wherever you are. Maybe time to get the sandwich boards out!
  4. I'll swap our British heat wave for cold and raining any day. A thunder storm - Oh anything for a thunder storm.....
  5. I'm not sure if this is in the right place but it made me smile! bottom left sign!
  6. I've totally drawn a line under this - To quote Captain Picard The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! Thank you for putting up with me!
  7. Just watching the banner at the top about lockdown! Reminds me of an experience I had in the park! During the lockdown's I'd sit in the park in a really secluded place and drink my whisky and feed the Squirrels and Pigeons - I even got some of them to eat out of my hand. One day I saw this girl training with what I can only presume was a personal trainer. They were messing about with a medicine ball and it was great to watch. Then they basically put on a show for me. Which was the trainer berating her and telling her to try harder followed by a massive snog before disappearing into
  8. I've sussed it now - Very funny . Sex is equal to fun! Very good!
  9. Habit of a lifetime!
  10. Yes I'm still trying to work it out! It looks like a function but because it's an image I can't just look it up easily! It looks like some kind of fast fourier transform. I'm not great at maths!
  11. Fantastic Where did you find that?
  12. Yes very nice too! Of course the Thinking Mans Crumpet as you say was originally Carol Vorderman!
  13. More a Rachel Riley fan!
  14. Yes I love all that. I'm sorry to bring this up again but so called "Long Covid Brain Fog" has really hindered my ability to do them. What I could do in half an hour on a good day now takes me about 2 weeks! In fact I've given up for now because it's just too frustrating. Though yes I love all this stuff and have a real interest in the origin of words and expressions etc...
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