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    I'm single but would love to find a soulmate! I've only just come out as a urophile - decided that life's too short to hide who I am! I know this is not a dating site but most of them are just a con!!! This seems like a nice place! I'm into retro computer games and play the guitar - to be honest I'm an all round geek! - Nothing turns me on more than girls peeing and would love to drink straight from the tap!!!

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    The smell, the taste, the warmth - I'ts just lovely - I like bedwetting, would love a girl to wet the bed with me!
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    I wish!!! Every time I've asked a girl to do this she's said that she would - but only in the bathroom! That is just too clinical for me! I don't want a gob full of soapy water!

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  1. I've just completed an experiment to make fertilizer from urine! I basically peed in a bowl and added a bit of cider (because it was a can of cider it had nitrates in it not to mention yeast) anyway after a few days there was white life forms growing on top of it. After about a month it had started to evaporate and ferment! I'm now left with a thick tar like syrup which can be diluted and basically used like 'Baby Bio'. How to test it I'm not sure but I'm thinking of trying to grow an avocado stone! Anyway its's proof of concept if nothing else - I wouldn't know where to start to industri
  2. Hello Peeps It's been a while I know. I've not been online for ages but hopefully I'm back. I've heard recently that not only is beetroot really good for you but it turns your pee pink! Personally it's one of those strange things that I just assume I don't like even though I've never tried it! I've only ever seen it swimming in a bowl of vinegar which doesn't appeal! Has anyone got any experience of this and just how pink is it? I'd love to know....
  3. Merry Christmas all. Long time no see. My so called 'Long Covid' was playing up and I just got completely overwhelmed with e-mails ans social media. For the last several months I've rarely even switched my computer on. I've been messing about with my 'Raspberry Pie' instead - playing about with emulators. I'm due my booster jab in the next week or two so that should take some of the anxiety away. Here's hoping that 2022 will be better than the last 2 years. Found an old arcade game called 'Guzzler' - it's kind of pac-man style - you basically fill up with water by eating ice and th
  4. I love this thread! - It's amazing how a simple comment can generate so much interest and debate! Personally I'm more torn than ever about them. Albeit I still think I prefer naked feet in bed!
  5. I have just noticed the same thing. I have to go into light mode and then choose 'Golden Pee' Which works but like you said - I have to do it every time I log in!!!!
  6. I was a bit thrown at first but I understand that a lot of people for some reason don't like yellow! Obviously there was the connection with the colour! I'm one of the few people it seems that actually like yellow cars! Anyway anything that lets you personalize stuff is a good call!
  7. I absolutely agree - I'd rather see her naked feet - having said that I probably wouldn't notice cos' as you've said my eye would be elsewhere!
  8. I find this strange too. You've got these beautiful girls naked except that they are wearing high heals!!! I can only guess that it's because they make a loud noise especially when they finally take them off and throw them on the floor! Maybe there's a dominance thing there too! I was never really into feet until one time I got hold of my girlfriends foot during coitus and it really turned her on!
  9. Yes - I'm a member of longcovidsos.org but it doesn't seem to be getting anywhere! As far as I know we're trying to get a petition together to send to Boris! The thing is - The only people talking about long covid are people who have it!!!!!!! Even some GP's are dismissive of it - like a lot of people they think it's just anxiety and is all in the head! It's so patronizing. I've heard of some people who have gone to their GP and the best thing they have been given is a pamphlet on breathing exercises! To be frank it's a joke!
  10. I so want one of these! The giant crystal brandy glass not the girl. Bit pricey though! BTW that doesn't look like brandy to me. Brandy doesn't have a scum on it like that!
  11. Thank you - been 10 months now though, it's a slow recovery!
  12. I play guitar mainly but dabble with keyboards and have written music and S.F.X routines for the Commodore64, Playstaion1 and PC - also played the bugle in the Boys Brigade when I was a kid, I've tries to play wind instruments since like flute and recorder even harmonica but I just haven't got the lungs for it anymore - especially now I have so called 'Long Covid'.
  13. Why is his pee so clean - mine looks like whisky! Mkbigboy I think she's really cute too!
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