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    Hmm Probably when I was in the shower I spreader out my vagina and completely peed all over the shower. I know it’s not exciting but to me it was sexy.

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  1. Beach Sex To the Bedroom. After that long Sexy kiss with Angelita I walked down the hall into my bedroom with her. When I opened the door too my bedroom I pulled Angelita in and Kissed her, Then pushed her down onto the bed. I undressed her as I undressed myself. I started to eat her out. She was moaning and moaning, she had a good taste, like Candy. After I had lifted my head up from eating her vagina I got on the bed myself and laid next to her and started kissing her. I know at this moment she definitely did not want to go home to her boyfriend. I started grabbed her boobs and she star
  2. Beach Sex. I woke up this morning Struggling to open my eyes. They were heavy, As if they were being forced shut by the strongest man Alive’s fingers. I yanked my hand out from under the covers, rubbed my eyes and I finally was able to open them. As I rolled over to the other side of my bed, I grab my phone and see that I had a message from my friend Angelita. It read as “Hey Katerina! Want to go on a beach picnic?” Of course I love the beach and had the perfect swimsuit. I picked up hand held mirror. Looked at myself as if I were some model. There is no way in hell I could ever become a
  3. Sorry I was not able to make more chapters I will not make a chapter until January 2 I am sorry but I will make that chapter extra long thank you for the patients
  4. Hello! Today I wanted to write about the next day do the girls camping trip (Carmella, Lacey, Morgan And Bayley) This time I am going to try to add more detail and more information about each of the characters and maybe soon I can draw a picture of them (I love drawing) and also I will split them into paragraphs! I would have never noticed my mistakes if you guys did not point them out so thank you so much! But let’s get started with the story I woke up and opened my eyes just to see Carmella and Lacey trying to harmonize while poor Morgan has two pillows. One she is laying the sid
  5. Thank you I am sorry I am not very detailed into my writing as I have not really sat down and written a full book all at once but I will put multiple paragraphs next time thank you!
  6. Ok I’m a noob to this but I am going to write a story I don’t know if this is were you write stories but uhh. Again I’m a noob so sorry but let’s start with this FICTION story I woke up this morning feeling TERRIBLE. Not in the sick way or feeling bad for something but I just felt kind of like a bad person for some odd reason. Then I remembered I was going camping today and I had to pack. So I grabbed what I needed for this 3 day camping adventure! So I got out of bed grabbed a few shirts and some denim shorts and a couple bras and panties and some sweat pants and jeans I also grabbed s
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