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    Straight male
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    I am a slim man with a beautiful dick and I love to piss with it all over my body or in my pants or outdoor stuff. Send me a message and talk with me and ask for my snapchat if you want to see/trade pee content :)

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    My favorite thing about pee is how warm it is when it goes over my body.
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    My hottest pee experience was when I met this woman on a dating side (she was 26). She was one of those woman's where you think you have no chance to get her so I just asked her quickly if she wants to try something and piss on me and she Said yes. We had a date on a lake and when it was dark I got naked and she pissed all over my body it was awesome.

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  1. I like to meet people who are also interested in pee like me 🙂

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