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    I love action movies, science channel programs about space, biology, weather, and comedy shows. I enjoy watching internet videos about females desperate and/or bursting to pee.

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  1. Nice photos goldenwetgoose.
  2. Summary: A female hiker is kept from urinating in private by an animal. Title: Interrupted by nature Content: indecent, desperate, openly urinating Character: •Marris Porter - only character Plot: It was the first Saturday of September and still hot. As usual, Marris Porter was in the mountains. This time she was hiking, not climbing. Marris decided to trek through the wilderness of the Apalachian Mountains. She hiked from Plateau to Plateau the whole day starting at 7 am. Marris loved hiking and mountain climbing in the wilderness to recharge and get away from the s
  3. Not interested in community acquired infections nor passing it either. Even if my pee wasn't infectious, it would have microbes not native to those found another and get that person sick.
  4. I honestly wouldn't do blow jobs (not that I have had sex of any kind with another), let alone after the person peed. Sorry, not that kind of person to eat or drink biological waste from myself nor another. It is expelled by the body for a reason.
  5. Thank you for the feedback. Have a great day!
  6. I hope you liked the story.
  7. Hi everyone. Sorry it has been so long. I am going to finish this story as soon as possible. ---------------------back to the story-------------------- For the past 20 minutes, Piper and the rest of the passengers on the train feeling antsy about not being able to leave. It was hot, the air satu1rated with sweat, and the aura was filled with anger. The passenger who started yelling was removed and taken to a nearby patrol car. A few other passenger were removed too. As for Piper, she did her best to stay calm. Her need to urinate grew and listening to music or playing a phone a
  8. Excellent choice Sophie.
  9. Please forgive the abrupt stop in the story. I will try to finish as soon as possible. Thank you for taking the time to view this story.
  10. Summary: A female passenger, desperate for a public restroom, is unable to exit her train car. Title: Exit Denied Content: desperate to urinate desperation holding Characters: Piper Prestin - main character Train conductor Train security guard Diner greeter Elderly woman Colleen Dael Gwenndolinne Masterson Main storyline: The train rolled in at the station for the 4:00 pm pick up at the Emerson station in Rhodensia City. At last, Piper made it to her train and boarded it with great haste. "Almost missed it
  11. Excellent picture of choice.
  12. Who is she? She is pretty.
  13. Summary: A female mountain climber has to empty her bladder. Title: Nowhere to go Content: •high up on a mountain cliff •desperate to urinate •desperation holding •purposeful urination/wetting Comments: •this story is the shortest of all stories •no other characters to mention but protagonist Main character: Marris Porter Plot: Today was another day in the life of the mountain climber Marris Porter. Today, she was climbing one of the tallest mountains in the Rockies in Western United States. She started at 8 am and wanted to reach the top by 6 pm. Althou
  14. Amongst pee sites such as wettingherpanties from Skymouse Productions, Bound2burst, Ineed2pee, Lovewetting, Got2Pee, HD wetting, Wetset, Ready2burst, and Thatpeegirl, which ones are scripted and which ones aren't?
  15. Sophie, good day to you. I have a question for you. What is the longest you have gone without relief while feeling severely bursting to pee?
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