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    I love action movies, science channel programs about space, biology, weather, and comedy shows. I enjoy watching internet videos about females desperate and/or bursting to pee.

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  1. Sorry for the massive question about pee desperation fiction. I didn't remember you don't write fiction. I just needed your advice for writing fiction. If you don't want to answer that is fine.
  2. You have achieved much Sophie. A happy married life, excellent children, and a fulfilled sex life. Good for you!
  3. I hope I didn't overwhelm you. I have tried on my own and I haven't been successful. I also don't want the factors behind how the door would be stuck or elevator stops be so obvious nor so out there strange. I don't want to make the main female protagonist dumb either. Sorry for the rant. I am having trouble working this out and need your opinion and advice for this. Again, I do apologize for possibly making this too overwhelming.
  4. Sophie, good afternoon! I need your advice on somethings. They are in regards to new pee desperation fictions I want to write. I understand if you feel they may be a little difficult to help with. This isn't to put you on the spot. I need advice. Question 1: I am trying to write a story about a woman (between 23 and 27 years old) sun bathing outside and ending up stuck outside for various reasons: A. She is unaware the door was closed by a maid (maid service at her own house or at her friend's house, and this maid doesn't notice this female protagonist enjoying the warmth of the sun
  5. Really pretty female. Love the picture.
  6. Sophie, good evening. I was wondering if you ever urinated in the men's bathroom in a public place when the ladies' room wasn't available and you weren't able to hold it any longer? I had such an experience a couple of weeks ago at a grocery store outing with my mother. I described my story in "Desperate times call for desperate measures" in pee encounters and experiences. What do you think of this experience and have you ever been in the scenario I mentioned in the above topic?
  7. A few weeks ago (I think a Saturday) I was massively desperate to urinate and used the female bathroom. I am a guy but I used the female bathroom because the men's room was occupied. I drank too much coffee for breakfast, held off using the bathroom, and became desperate while parked in the lot for a grocery store and in my car waiting for my mom to finish up her shopping. I tried to gold it but my penis couldn't hold it and was pulsating. I got out because the pressure wouldn't go away and went inside for the bathroom. I went there but the men's room was taken and I couldn't wait. Not only th
  8. She is also beautiful and cute.
  9. Is this the  idea you were asking about?


    1. Uroguy


      No. It was a different video that may have been taken down from the internet. It was a scenario where Mikki and Sammy were making out standing up. Sammy had to pee badly and Mikki didn't allow her to go pee first. While Mikki was caressing Sammy''s right leg, Sammy couldn't hold it and peed onto Mikki''s hand and also onto the ground. It also splatter ed onto Sammy''s legs and her feet. Some may have dribble down her legs in the back too. Mikki takes off Sammy''s panty andndndnd starts kissing her down there (genital region), then kisses Sammy on the mouth and they go have sex.

  10. Forgive me for my ignorance. I just don't see why you would want to leave when Europe as a whole, not just individual countries in Europe, should want to be safe and be able to work together, not be divided and be vulnerable to being destroyed by foreign attackers.
  11. So how does England perform free competition with mainland European competitors seeing as how they don't have a place as part of the EU and mainland Europe? Don't you feel more isolated now that you left and other countries haven't? Being part of a federation means being united when being threatened. If UK is threatened or attacked, and not being a member of the EU, how will the E U member states (i.e. Germany if it wanted to) come to your aid? Won't it be unable to because your out of the EU jurisdiction?
  12. Who's the woman in the top first photo? She is pretty. Not skinny, nor the stupid hour-glass figure, and naturally busty. Love it.
  13. This is the part I hate so much. Here is Jessica Cabanne, a really sexy female and pretty too. She is so gorgeous and I love that in a woman. However what ruins things is knowing some part of her body is fake. That shouldn't matter of course since what a woman wants of her own body shouldn't take away from who she is and her beauty. But still, fake breasts are just stupid.
  14. I know what you mean. I feel the same way. If such a gorgeous woman came up to me, wanted to sit with me, work with me, befriend me, or even wanted me as a boyfriend, we'll that would make me feel suspicious. Why would such a rare specimen of outer beauty (and possibly inner beauty of good moral character if such a woman had both) want to be around me. I would be suspicious and awkward.
  15. Thus website has accurate information on such females?
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