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    Junk dealer
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    Cleveland Ohio
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    I'm 5'10", 208 lbs. Into tickle to pee foreplay which I love doing to a woman. I own a home and car, have 2 cats and feed strays, love junk dealing run my own business of such. I'm kind and compassionate.

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    Female panty pee accidents especially from them being tickled especially in short skirts and panties
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    Lifted a gfs black mini dress (shes an ex now) and peed into her little black panties bc she wasn't too ticklish

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  1. I'm joe a single guy here seeking single (preferred) female to have erotic pee play fun. I'm age 59, 5'10", 200 lbs. long haired in Cleveland Ohio area. I love idea of tickling a woman in short skirt or sexy dress and panties til she pees them laughing especially on my lap sitting.
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