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    Just a fun loving kinky gal...

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    Love getting my face pissed on, the taste, the warmth..taking big gulps
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    A trip with my current man, at stops along the way was allowed to lap at the stream in public bathrooms, bent over to get a face drenching, licking up pee and cum off asshole..so hot.

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  1. Oh my goodness great curly pubs! And that lovely mushroom head must gag a girl real well! You're so bad peeing on the carpet but damn it looks delicious streaming out...I'd love to you wet your fingers..I love sucking on peepee fingers
  2. Thanks for all the positivity! Getting a good drenching today...any day is a great day to get peed on!...be safe y'all
  3. I personally love to give head right after my man pisses on me. I've never had a girl piss on me but I wouldn't mind. My man prepares and let's me drink right from his cock, he likes to piss as I'm giving him head but he also loves to pee on my face which I love. I often pee as he pisses on me I enjoy lapping from his stream if we are outside and he needs to pee..I love being a part of his needs...we do play with others I would love to orgasm while peeing
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