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    I enjoy working at just about anything that's a puzzle or problem. I like solving questions and really like fixing something broken or repurposing things .I obviously enjoy pissing and wetting I'm into mostly anything pee if you know of a kinky way to piss I havnt done then please enlighten me. I'm educated and a homeowner I love to read and hang out with my animals.

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    Wetting/self pee/drinking and splashing piss where you are not supposed to g
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    A three way peesome with my girlfriend and her friend in bed soaked lol and stinking of urine in the morning

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  1. Pisspants


    And welcome from Canada 🇨🇦 😊
  2. Awesome I really am a genuine piss addict lol I can get carried away from time to time do you know of a reliable piss dating site I find there all a scam:(
  3. Sry my bad won't happen again btw love the site
  4. Hi I am a 32 year old western Canadian man if any one is interested in piss and is nearby Alberta please contact me. I've had piss sex with almost everyone I've slept with but most are not I to it I really want a dirty girl to urinate over and over with pushing our limits to the brink
  5. I love to pee in my tight green pants then slide over 3 more jeans pissing all of them slowly holding desperate as piss spurts out in hot gushes on my tight soaking Ass and laying and playing in the hot smelly urine till it drys
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