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  1. Thanks everyone, No worries about talking about or asking about being aroused by classroom omorashi. Me it was all about wanting to live out every aspect of the female experience including peeing my panties in class. My polls NEVER talk about arousal, at most I ask if the respondent was fascinated by the girl's desperation and pantie pee, which to me means wondering what it would be like to pee your panties or wondering what she was feeling. A classic example would be my poll on witnessing a girl trembling from her desperately trying to hold it in class.https://s.surveyplanet.com/-gZsTa_X
  2. My name is Tess I am transgendered (M2F). I grew up in an era and religion (Catholic) where transitioning as a child was impossible so I was a miserable boy desperately wanting to be a girl. The intersection between my transgenderism and omorashi is due to only seeing or hearing of girls peeing their panties in class or church and never heard of a boy peeing his pants. So I saw peeing your panties as totally a girl thing and actually wanted to be the girl that I watched pee their panties or heard about peeing their panties and go through their entire desperation, pantie pee and aftermath. Because of that I am fascinated with classroom omorashi and write stories based on my own sighting and from responses gleaned from the classroom pantie pee polls I run.

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