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  1. 8 hours ago, Alfresco said:

    Similar story for me although it was not entirely accidental....

    I was on a train and a there was girl sat on the opposite side of the train from me a couple of rows ahead.  She got up and went through the door to the vestibule where the toilet was.  As she stood up, I noticed that she was a bit of a "hippy chick",  she was in her early twenties, was tall and had blonde hair that was a bit messy.  She was wearing a long, lightweight, flowery patterned dress which swished around a bit as she walked.  It was one of those toilets with the sliding curved doors (apologies for those who are not familiar with that type of UK train).   Anyway, I saw the door slide open, then she went inside and she stood looking at the door, trying to work out how to close it.   What she obviously wasn't aware of was that the door controls are actually on the opposite wall.  However, when she didn't press any button, the door automatically slid shut.   The telling part was the "toilet occupied" indicator in the carriage did not illuminate, which meant that she had not discovered that she needed to press a button to lock the door.   

    I then got up from my seat and walked to the toilet and pressed the open button.   It may have been a bit mean, but I couldn't resist!   The door started to slide open, revealing a side view of her hovered over the toilet, dress hitched up to her waist and a stream of pee falling into the toilet.   The train was moving around a bit, so the stream was also moving as she tried to remain balanced in her hovering position.  The stream splashing the toilet seat as she moved.   The door got to about half way open before she realised what was happening and she turned towards the door and saw me.  I said I was sorry, and I didn't realise someone was in because the door was not locked.  The door continued on it's journey towards open (they are not very quick).   I indicated the controls on the opposite wall.  She reached forward to hit the close button and in doing so she had to move her feet forward.  She was still peeing, so it went all over the floor.   She hit the close button, but the door wouldn't start closing until it fully opened.  So it took another couple of seconds whilst she was trying to press the button with her bum on display to me and she was trying to stem the flow of pee, but still releasing spurts onto the floor.  Eventually the door started to close and she reversed back over the toilet and resumed peeing as the door slowly closed and eventually hid her from view.  I remained outside as I was supposedly waiting for the toilet myself.  When she came out, I apologised to her and she looked embarrassed but said that it was no issue and it was her fault for not realising she had to lock it.

    I went in and locked the door and I could see splashes all over the seat and on the floor.  It was a bit of mess really!  I didn't actually need a pee, so I lifted the seat and waited a suitable amount of time before flushing and leaving.  The reason for lifting the seat was so that anyone coming in after me wouldn't think that I'd peed on the seat.

    Here is a picture of the type of toilet on that type of train, so you get an idea of my view.

    Toby Rackliff 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧🇪🇺 on Twitter: "Impressed by  @CrossCountryUK #HST to Bristol today - now with sliding exterior doors,  full Rail Vehicle Accessibility Regulation compliance & retention tank  toilets (Sadly noon return trip

    When I visited the UK in 2013 my dad and I took a train on the East Coast Mainline to Edinburgh and these were the exact toilets. 

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