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    I put out fires all day at work. lol
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    I come from a wet and messy fetish background. I've loved wet clothes every since I was a kid. I used to sneak my socks into the bath with me. Later my jammies. I later discovered mud which was great. Then one day I discovered that chocolate cake batter greatly resembled mud and tasted much better. I always loved seeing pretty women getting wet and messy fully clothed in nice outfits. I started crossdressing to do the same. One time I was covered head to heel in chocolate and really had to pee. I figured i was already messy.. why not.?!?! I loved it. At that point I guess I added peeing to a way of getting clothes wet. and... now... here I am checking to see what others like about it.

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    peeing pants
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    Never done this, but really want a gal to sit on my lap and pee through her jeans and get us both wet.

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