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    im 30 finishing my degree which will end on 2021. I love pee so much...pee can turn me on..especially if pee with clothes on..hope to gain some insight on peeing and golden shower.and also get to know people with the same interest

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    golden shower then wetting with clothes
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    I have never get a chance to have an experience.please help me

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  1. Thanks..will try to find my local fetish community
  2. Thats so hot...so sexy it turns me on
  3. If i was there it will be a dream come true..it could be hotter if everyone can just wet their pants skirt or anything their wearing and even wet each other
  4. I never have any golden shower or pee other then my self. Any idea to play with my own pee or how to get in touch with people like us in my community.
  5. Reading your story turn me on ..so i also tried and wet my bed and masterbate..
  6. i would love if someone wearing skirt sit on my lap and pee on me...feeling the warmness and looking at it drip all over my leg would be a fantasy come true.
  7. Place where i stayit have not much of fetish available. I really have a fetish of getting a golden shower from female. In my country i have try to find or ask but no female seems to be into it. I really want to fulfill my fantasy. Any idea how i can or have any places that i did not know about?..

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